By blackitalian - 26/11/2010 15:43 - United States

Today, I went to see a famous rapper perform. My girlfriend got us up to the front to get pictures with him. He went to give me a high-five, I thought it was a fist-bump, so I made a fist. So he made a fist while I made a palm to match his retracted high-five. Then I panicked, cupped his fist and ran. FML
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lol, fail much?


ilux3 0

well that sucks [=

OP should have just said 'Look, we made a turkey!' the hi5 hand being the tail feathers and the fist bump hand being the body.

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lmaoo yess!

Knuckle sandwich anyone???

cooldukenukem 2

paper bears rock

zp5 4

ok so let me get this straight... ( - | ah thats better. now why did you run?

help the weasels

Was it Eminem?

exactly 27. the turkey, so cute. makes it a lot less awkward if you turn your nerviousness, into something cute and funny. lol. (:

Yo imma let you finish... but the squid is the best hand greet OF ALL TIME

yo imma let you finish but the squid is the best hand greet of all time!!

planbsponserme 2

where im from we call that a stick shift

ydi for liking rap

disagreed rap is the shit

Ahaha. I did not realize it is called a squid.

he probably thought you were retarded

174 yes yes it is

We call it an awkward turkey; the fist bump/high five combo.

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repeating letters sure is fuuun.

hahahahaha 41/22 your new pic makes me laugh

LOOOOOOL you guys made my daaaay!!

Your day must be pretty uneventful then.

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lol, fail much?

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pus ass bitch

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wow fail just fail

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It's okay bro, we all fail sometimes haha

I can't see this as an fml, i mean you made an honest mistake the only thing your suffering from is making yourself look stupid -_-

there's no more real worthy fml anymore smh

soccerchick02 3


haha must of been embarrassing xD

ydi for not seeing ozzy.

66- not being a grammar nazi, but, tetras you're sentence. "Love YOU ARE picture." There's a difference between your and you're... -.-

Maybe you should re-read YOUR sentence :)

I did it on purpose so he/she can realize the mistake that he/she made.

You purposely treated "you're" and "your" as though interchangeable in saying "you're sentence" in order to correct someone else's mistake? I'd think that would make it more confusing, but each to his/her own, I suppose. Oh, and one more thing: COMMA SPLICES. That is all.

Okay. I don't care if it confuses whoever I said it to. I'm sure he'll/she'll realize it without getting confused, lol. Oh well, it happened.

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72- You're a terrible grammar Nazi.


Yeah, of course... that's why I said that I wasn't trying to be a grammar nazi. -_-

deafeningsilence 8

Just stop trying.

I'll stop, because I'm not trying to be one. ;-[ Why do you care anyways? If I try or don't try. Just wondering.

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If anyone on this site is a new Grammar Nazi, it would probably be me. *Nods, nods*

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Rule number one for grammar Nazis: Don't write like that guy. ^

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Who? I believe I have said this before: Specify your audience.

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Wizardroxx. lol

I'm a girl and I wasn't gonna choose the choice of being a grammar Nazi because I fail too.

hey manv gramer nazis, they are anoiying. pls stop correcting poeple if u can't tipe you self!!!!!!!

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XD aww that sucks!

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Nice hands, feet!