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Today, I went to my high school reunion. I was super excited to see what everyone had done in their lives. The nerdy guy I bullied is now a U.S. Marine and already has two deployments in Afghanistan under his belt. He looked at me in his dress blues and said, "I remember you." FML
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who's bullying who now? ;)

JacksonCampbell 9

Well, what happened next?

I'm guessing op went -gulp- "good to see you too!"

Or acted like he didn't know him...

That's definitely deserved.

thank god for karma. ydi.

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wazdog 4

Moral lesson: bullying make people tougher.

Oh man. I bet he pulled out his M14 and shot you. Or maybe he tackled you and stabbed you with a combat knife. Or less likely, you awkwardly said, "Oh hi... Glad to see you've gotten so successful in life... Man... sorry 'bout being a dick to you all those years ago." But let's face it... what are the chances of the second one being the real scenario? >_>

You deserve it. That's what you get for trying to ruin his high school years.

I don't think "Who's bullying whom?" is an appropriate comment. We don't come back to bully our civilians.

PurpleRae420 0

That's what you get for bullying some dumbass I have NO respect for bulliers hope he got you back for all those years of torture

I lost the game. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha I'm such a bitch.

Holy William A. Shatner, 114! A comment that's actually mildly agreeable? Good for you! :D

While I do agree that YDI, I really don't see why this is such an FML/"Karma is a bitch situation". You saw him at the reunion he was and still is a better person than you. Most likely it's an awkward "Oh hi, I used to bully that guy situation", big fucking deal. He made something with his life and you apparently didn't oh noes!!!! Awkward confrontation for probably a minute or less... get over it.

I am amused that my comment was moderated, when many of the comments I see on here should be moderated but aren't. Wasn't questioning the validity of his FML just giving my opinion. I don't feel that very brief awkward moments like that count as Karma... Something more along the lines of him finding out his new boss was someone he bullied 15 years back... not someone whom he will most likely never see again after a very brief reunion... Honestly, it seems that you moderate some comments just because.

People who bully need to seriously rethink their lives. I just think, "you honestly are so stupid/boring/pathetic that you have nothing better to do with your time?"

IrishSoulja 4

Well shoe's on the other foot now eh OP? ;)

justinhi 0

just because he's a marine doesn't means he's big and scary. any little pencil necked kid can shoot a gun

you must not know any Marines...

VEVO_fml 0

So theres one question left to the OP... what have you become with your life? ;P

clearly what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger :) and 114, isn't it just bully? not bullier :p

One of the smallest guys I know is a Marine, but size isn't everything. He could kick your ass any day if the week. Any pencil neck may be able to fire a gun, but Marines are trained to kill and almost every single one takes pride in that.

186 - I agree that most people know how to shoot a gun and yes, people know how to kill each other unarmed as well. It's just that people in the military do that faster and more efficiently. **Prepare for the thumbs down**

I thought the air force wore dress blues, not the marines

252- O.o can't more than one branch have dress blues?

Bullying is not cool.

Exactly 241. OP may be twice as big as the Marine guy and still have his ass handed to him on a plate in 2 seconds.

ledstratdak 0

107- I'm guessing your a runner

Hah. After retiring from 25 years in the military, I'd say there ARE some pencil necks in service, but I wouldn't bet on it, and certainly not "any" of them can do it. But my guess is the Marine didn't do anything, because he didn't have to. The OP knew the score.

Im not american, but the army doesent seem very "sucessful" as many people can join. But it does take rigorous skill nad its hard but its not a doctorate if you know what im sayin.

186- LOL You're a idiot!

SpeechQween94 14

He'll yeah it does!!!!!

Sydknee 8

186- youre saying anyone can join the Marine Corps? yeah I'd like to see you go through the three months of training.. and it's not only about shooting a gun, wimp.

jossiegregg 5

you're a jackass and you totally deserve it!

SgtWarren1 0

service dress uniform for the marine corps is also known as "dress blues".

I hope the marine beat the shit out of him!

catlynnpenn 0

yea it's the air force. I would know I wear them ;)

ronnie96259 0

that's extremely true

Too bad the Marine Corps hasn't used M14's as standard issue since Vietnam.

But can any "pencil-necked kid" effectively engage a human-sized target from 200, 300 and 500 yards with iron sights? Hell no. It takes a lot more than being able to pull a trigger or "shoot a gun" to EARN the Title of United States Marine. S/F

All service have some dress uniform that is considered "blues" but the Marine Corps is world-famous for the uniform.

love0325 0

you obvioisly dont have any family in the army or service, because if u did u wouldnt have said that. douche.

Ok, Get off of your lazy bum and stop playing so much COD. Marines do not carry M14's on them nor do they carry combat knives in public. And if we did then we wouldn't kill anybody with' em. Do you know how long the M14 had been out of service? A long time. Idiot.

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They probably don't realize thats shrapnel, considering your earlier comment about not bullying civvies

cessnakid 0

^ directed at 316, sorry

Um, hello while I may not be in the Marines yet, I would like to see you operate in 100 degree and higher, carrying a close to 120 lbs+ plus pack, with the risk of getting shot or worse plus a 10 pound rifle, eating MRE's which are really hard to digest and pass for just about every meal, I would like you to be that guy. Jackass

dragonstrike94 8

Marines don't bully they "play"..... Rough........... Dudes gonna get raped

I bat he's thinking I remember you to......... Oh shit

That whole first few sentences were retarded.

Karma bitch.


#459 - While I respect you for what you do, please do not bitch about how tough your job is. YOU are the one who signed up for it, and you knew what you were getting yourself into, so please do not glorify yourself by listing all the arduous tasks you face. Yes, you deserve respect for what you do, but you quickly lose it when you start abusing it

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Fx13mz 7

Doesn't exist.

That's three words.

27 lol and also I have a saying. life's a bitch then you cark it. na just a jk

he's just a bullet sponge...

I'd like to see you say that to an actual marine who's fighting over seas right now for YOUR freedom.

lakeybalboa 0

265 you mean fighting for oil and other peoples freedom

lulututu 4

ugh I hate when they say the marines are fighting for our freedom. 275 I agree

a bullet sponge that would take one in the chest if another marine told him to. that hard-ass will save your mother f-ing ass one day. you should be ashamed if all you think of your militarily is as a bullet sponge. you should join-up and see how funny that us as u pick-up your teeth after you say that to your CO or DI

thank you 287 . and 285, if they're not fighting for our freedom (our meaning the united states) then who the hell are they fighting for??

Start living your life without oil right now--turn off your computer, and get off your chair, both made of plastic. Stop using your car. Stop buying produce delivered by truck. But if it really was about oil, we'd have troops running convoys to the Shatt al Arab and loading tankers. Instead, we're building hospitals, power plants and water filtration systems.

i dare you to call them a bullet sponge to their face...then we'd really see who the bullet sponge would be.

Sydknee 8

God, I hate arrogant people who's parents didn't teach them respect. I'd like to see those who say the military 'is just a bullet sponge' the military isn't JUST anything.

oh yes it does- take a look at the world around you....

197 275 285 the day you become part of the 1% that chooses to fight for this country is the day you can talk about out war and our military. until then keep your mouths shut.

don't fuck with a marine

exactly... btw i hope he shoots out ur kneecaps

Well, that's a turn of events. Who knew the nerdy guy would enlist in the army rather than to Harvard?

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what is up with you guys always saying "Fail"?

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not really. op, deserves to get his ass handed to him, no doubt, but the marine classmate could have some serious punishment for delivering a beatdown to op if he's still serving

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46- your more of a bitch then most female dogs

What about the nerdy marine giving the OP an evil look and smiling, making the OP knicker-crappingly scared and paranoid?

he's gotta get caught first ;)

yeah, it's only illegal if they catch u.

Who is this "karma" you speak of? She sounds like a bitch!

KristinaKreme 0

Karma ;)

that's what you get for being a bully OP

itsahhbeex3 6

awkward moment. (x what goes around comes around; karma.

what goes around comes around isn't the same as karma

iamelrebel 0

Yeah it is. That is exactly what Karma is.

No.. There are three 'kinds' of Karma. The first is Sanchita, past-life karma yet to be resolved. The second is Prarabdha, that portion of sanchita karma being resolved in the present life. The third is Kriyamana, this is karma you are presently creating. So when you say Karma what you mean is Kriyamana. Karma is not instant retribution, it is a long term and multi-life scale to be balanced.

"What goes around, comes around." is the basis of Karma. Idiot, don't claim sh•t you don't know.

osh•t we gots us a knowitall. But seriously, that's interesting.

Well look at that.. Trust me I don't go around correcting people if I don't know I'm right. Just getting REALLY sick of everyone saying that every damn FML here is Karma when it isn't. Also 'Karma is a bitch' yes, ok Karma is a female dog? Really?

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shhhhh.. silence.

showdaddy46 0

lol that's all stuff that has went or is about to go around and then come back around. reading comprehension is awesome.

Xtra_Cheddar 3

bet he'd kick your butt now

Karma: 1 You : 0

C-C-C-Combo Breaker. Sorry, couldn't help myself.