By DeepFriedZombie
Today, I went to my first job interview. I didn't think I was doing too badly, until the interviewer said, "Wait a second, you're in high school?" I explained that the guy who'd called me had said that this wouldn't be a problem. I then watched as my interviewer left his desk to "deal" with him. FML
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  randomname98  |  22

The local Walmart is almost always hiring. Half the employees there don't even understand what's going on half the time, so they get fired. I would know, I work there

By  jcash52426  |  5

That's the guys fault who told you to come in. Assuming this is your first interview, I would ask asked him to continue and the critique me on my interview.

Good luck on the job serve

By  interesting33  |  36

If you were doing so well and you are still in high school and it is your first interview I think you'll be fine. You might not get this job but you should be proud and pleased you got so far


That's only for the USA #11, the whole world doesn't have that law, and since the location isn't listed for this FML, we shouldn't assume. Where I live, anyone 18+ can have a discrimination case if they are fired or unfairly treated because of their age. Minors aren't allowed to bring age discrimination cases though, because sometimes discrimination against them is necessary for safety and experience reasons.

  J626  |  1

Depends on the job. High schoolers have strict schedules. If I am looking for a waitress to work the weekday lunch rush, a high schooler can not work that shift. If my retail store is open 9-5 a high schooler could not work the whole day. The business just has to justify why a high schooler would be unsuitable for the role.

  viipeterson98  |  14

@ #24 it could also involve the distribution or serving of alcohol which is illegal until 18 (in USA, age differs per country, I assume), or selling tobacco. Some stores don't want to hire until you're of age to sell these things because it's easier than constantly needing to send someone to do that part of the job. all your reasoning is correct too, but besides hours, laws are issues. Some machinery has restrictions as well.

By  ClairvoyantVamp  |  19

I'm also in high school and know the struggle of needing a job to get experience but needing experience to get a job. Congrats to you for getting an interview, and I hope you get more. Good luck!

By  bradleybaldwin  |  9

Hey you should feel pretty good. You weren't the one to fuck up, and the guy interviewing you thought you were mature enough to be a graduated high school student so at least you have some promising potential

By  MattWorth  |  8

What was the job? Also, just go for the work that involves labor. You'll almost always get hired and you'll sleep amazing at night. Your young, so unless you do something stupid it won't really affect you in the long run, negatively at least.


Depending on where op lives, getting a labor job would require being 18. There are a lot of shitty companies that hire minors, but based on experience they are always illegal immigrants so they can cover it up when they get hurt.