By Finn - United Kingdom - London
Today, I went to grab a coffee at a new café in town. While sipping my coffee, I noticed a man staring at me through the window. I thought he was browsing the menu before I looked up mid-sip to him staring at me in the eye, sucking on his finger. FML
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  ABlindMan  |  17

That's certainly not an appropriate way for a man to show appreciation for the female body. That's just weird. Shit, if sucking my finger ever got me a girl's number that'd be a lifesaver.

  Allornone  |  35

I feel your pain. My cleverness quotient could never match that of Tripartita's. It's a lost cause. Sadly, I'm resigned to my role of passive fml lurker. It's a life.

By  Sebof2001  |  7

Should've bought him coffee, then bonded, then later on kissed him. Slowly moving your face closer to his, biting your lip, looking at his deep brown eyes, then at his lips.. The stubble on his chin, grab his chin with your left hand and slowly caress his face with your right. Slowly move to the back as you get ever so closely to his face.. Then place your hand in the back of his head pulling him close as you're about to connect faces, then very quickly turn his head with enough speed and force to snap it leaving him paralyzed or dead;)