By sausages - 17/01/2014 20:56 - Macedonia - Skopje

Today, I went to get my first tattoo. Before we started, the tattooist told me to just relax and embrace the pain. I guess I did that too well; I kept getting an erection throughout. FML
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Hey sometimes life is hard

Wow. I'll call that a 'Hard' time


Hey sometimes life is hard

It has it's ups and downs, right OP?

On the bright side, you now know you're a masochist!

Haha lol. Life is "hard" what a great pun :P

Wow, thank you, 55! None of us would have gotten that without you!

I tried to find a way to fit the phrase "stuck Inbetween a rock and a hard place" in there but couldn't think of a clever pun.

Thanks Ted, that was the joke.

Wow. I'll call that a 'Hard' time

Hmm OP likes to be dominated .

nah nah nah come on, come on, come on. i like it, like it s s s & m m m :)

At least now OP knows what he's into.

Get a tattoo on your junk next time! Wonder what will happen.

This reminds me of 21 jump street "we even had to get tatoos on out junks

I heard a guy got a tattoo on his dick and now has a permanent erection.

I once heard this story... oh wait. no I didn't.

#119 you must had a really rough childhood.

joeja69 6

probably in the face lol

Whatever's comfortable

Was the tattoo that he erected up to your standards?

wellthen7154 12

Those standards are a bit too hard to cum up to.

cryssycakesx3 22

those puns almost made me spit everywhere!

Spitters never win!

wellthen7154 12

I will admit they are a bit tough to swallow.

spitters are quiters

Tattoo parlor's have seen lots.of things. Don't worry about it OP

Masochism is apparently your thing. Time to buy some latex suits and a cat o' nine.

J_Kertz 14

And apparently a tattoo gun.

Fifty Shades of tattoo

Hey, whatever gets you through the pain. Lol