By draggirl - 13/10/2009 17:26 - United Kingdom

Today, I went to buy my prom dress. I felt really good as I walked out of the dressing room, until someone walked out of the room next to me wearing the same dress, and looked better in it than I did. It was a man buying it for his drag show. FML
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perdix 29

Just put a sausage and a couple of plums in your panties and you'll look just as good in that dress as he does!

baby610 4

hard to beleive your a pastor...


mastory96 0

so take your anger inverted towards yourself for not fitting well in a dress and LEARN TO SPELL.

well their spelling is fine, but their grammar sucks.

think of something original to say,correcting grammar and spelling is for boring assholes

take the time to figure out what you're about to type before you do anything, it saves face. :)

Lulz. You're a bit of an idiot

WTF_its_emmy 0

go homos xD they're the best the rock it the best :D

that was gay

Maybe he was just really pretty?

Drag queens aren't always gay.

Pastor_Rich 0

beaten by a drag queen, shave your unibrow and get a boob job

baby610 4

hard to beleive your a pastor...

ItsOkayImWhite 0

^hahaha, this.

I can't believe you a pastor ... AN OLD PASTOR AT THAT . Is saying that ... WTF has the world come to ?!

myaccount235 3


just because his nickname includes pastor doesn't mean he's a real pastor guys...I mean there are also 13 year olds who name themeselves "mister big cock" or something like this ;)

M13LO 0

and don't forget to learn how to cook!

Prom in October?

Maybe it's not necessarily "prom" time, but there are other dances and events some might go out and buy a prom dress.

baby610 4

maybe she submitted this FML before but it barely got posted?

fox4744 3

If you buy them way early they're much cheaper and not as picked over

FAKEstfu 0

I was there... Tammy and I talked about you while you were changing. Trust me your shoulders are SO wrong for a strapless dress :)

That was mean even if you meant it as a joke

mastory96 0

sorry. I meant LEARN CORRECT GRAMMAR. :) small correction.

doggie3 0

whoo! I luv gay people!!

grimmelok 0

FAIL being gay and cross dressing don't have to be related in any way.

mister_moops 0

oh sure, i've seen plenty of straight men wearing dresses.

Tha't's the best :))

iSmellNice 2

YDI for making it all one sentence.

@11 there's periods there =P

It's three sentences dumbass.