By woopdeedo_1 - 07/03/2010 19:56 - United Kingdom

Today, I went to a party and crashed on the bedroom floor. I woke up to sex noises coming from the bed. I pretended to still be asleep. I sent a text to my boyfriend to tell him about it. I heard his phone beep from over in the bed. FML
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Perhaps he lent it to a friend? Or it's just a really big coincidence? Or... Yeah, he cheated on you. FYL.

if the room was dark you could've knocked out the girl he was with and just take her spot.


Wait, why were you at the party without him?And how did you not notice him if he arrived later? Methinks there's a fake here...

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maybe they went together but got seperated?

Why can't she to a party without him?

If I went to a party with my girlfriend and we'd got seperated, I'd be looking for her, not thinking about taking a nap. Besides, I think suspicions would be raised if anyone's partners disappeared at a mixed-sex party, these days.

I didn't mean that she wasn't allowed, simply that maybe her boyfriend was sitting thinking that she was cheating on him because she went to a party without him. You know, diving off the deep end, as people are want to do nowadays.

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okay but why would the boyfriend have sex with another person while the girlfriend was asleep in the room? :P ...maybe he was just... dreaming.. and... ya know.. he makes those noises in his sleep... :p

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There's a bedroom in the kitchen?

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hahaha FYL for him wanting someone else more than you. buttttt maybe he thought it was u if he was really drunk. but probbly not. wellllll sorryyyyyy. have a nice life.

op y u lying? u no damn ryt u is a loner n dis is just another bs FML. *** fake ass niggas dude.

Alright, I'm no grammar Nazi, but this is ridiculous.

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Fuk niggas that can't spell. FYL darkness

If the OP got wasted enough to blackout on the ground. it's possible that her bf also got extremely shitfaced. If he was superincredadrunk he wasn't really responsable for his actions. But that doesn't mean that he is blameless either.

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why was he having sex while u were on the floor? did he not kno it was you cuz thts the stupidest way to cheat on someone

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true y would he do tht when ur right there he oviously saw u sleeping or not no one would do tht

She may not have seen him around cos she was asleep on the bedroom floor. Who goes to a party to sleep? Anyway, maybe he left his phone there. Easiest way to find out: look. Then do whatever comes naturally.

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Obviously the only thing to do in a situation like this is join in

Haha this is hilarious OP, I mean it sucks that he cheated on you but it made me laugh.You know what you have to do now OP

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agree just bc ur in a relationship doesn't mean u can't be independent and go to parties with out ur boy/girl friend

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hahahhahha!!!!!! i love #10s picture! that movie kicks ass

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funny thing is, her boyfriend either did not care or was already making out with her once they got into the room, cuz how do you not notice your (ex)girlfriend lying on the floor

#25 ftw. You would never have found out if you stayed in the kitchen. so you would probably been a happy little girl, but just like Eve you had to push the boundries. So be a good girl in the future and stay in the kitchen and nothing bad will happen to you. At least you wont find out. ignorance is bliss. Y D I !

#131 is a babe. what's kicken chicken?

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Wait y would he have sex in the same room u were in .... I bet I would of saw u

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how do u know it was his fone like it could be a coincidence but he could have been jerkin off hahahaha just sayin tht wud be retarded to screw a girl in the same room ur gf is in

i sure hope you smack him in the face. then smack her.

how could you not have sensed SOMEWHERE inside of you, that your boyfriend is ( hopefully was, or YOU are even more retarded) a total P.O.S., like there wasn't any indicator that he was stupid enough to cheat on you in the same exact room you were in. and not just a silent little fast kiss, full blown out sex? what the hell is wrong with you for dating somebody like that ? who does something like that? as if he didn't already have douchebag qualities!!!

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I can't believe you wasted your time typing all that. just sayin

I don't care if this is real or not or if it doesn't make sense but it still made me laugh so congrats OP

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she couldve known he was at the party or thought he had left, so she texted it to him. he mightve come when she crashed. did ur boyfriend not notice u out cold?

Sounds to me that OP is crashing on the floor, probably under blankets. BF comes in making out with the other girl and sees a lump on the floor. He's getting his jollies off then his phone goes too funny.

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there are other reasons why she could have been napping like being hammered or being like ... tired make and yes plz bitch slap that boy then find someone to hook up with cuz at that point that relationship is over no use in fighting about it or talking about it

The Llama of Intense Akwardness has struck again! Now where did I put those blueberry pancakes.....

wow what anasshole! at least you found out what a real skumbag he was. =(

What is an anasshole? I'm not familiar with this particular termology.

What is termology? I'm not familiar with this terminology.

Perhaps he lent it to a friend? Or it's just a really big coincidence? Or... Yeah, he cheated on you. FYL.

Or they slept together but she fell off the bed during the night, then some random girl hopped on the vacant ride while he's asleep.

if the room was dark you could've knocked out the girl he was with and just take her spot.

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why would she still want him after that? she should just knock them both out and draw mustaches on them and mabye snip something off

You know you wouldn't cut anything off. Don't lie. YDI for sleeping at a party.

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Cut only half of both of their hair off- that will teach them!

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wow, FYL. That really sucks.

that sucks. well at least thisll be a great story to tell your future kids