By HarleyDavison - United States - Harrisonville
Today, I went to a parade. While I was there, I ran into my ex and his new girlfriend. Trying to prove I was over him, I tried to act like I was oblivious to them and having a great time. I turned around, only for a piece of candy to hit me square me in the eye. FML
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  Just_A_Tree  |  20

Why do people feel the need to prove anything to their exes? Like seriously! Move on! If you have moved on, then you wouldn't feel the need to prove it. And yes, I get that there is a certain amount of satisfaction in messing with your ex. But the fact that you feel the need to mess with them shows that you haven't gotten over them yet.

You really want to mess with your ex? Go out and have a good time! Enjoy yourself without one thought toward them! Cause when you do something to get back at them, or to get their attention, that only gives them more power over you!

Don't let something that should be behind you, keep you from enjoying what's before you.