By Anonymous - 19/02/2011 15:08 - Australia

Today, I went to a haunted show restaurant. I needed the toilet badly, but they were inside the building, which could only be gotten to via a ghost train. The footage of me peeing myself in terror on the train was played on a big screen inside, in front of a crowd of onlookers. FML
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Could've been worse. You could have shit yourself.

if your talking about draculas on the gold coast..... there are toilets in the show room and you don't have to get on a ghost train to get to them...... you only get on the ghost train to get inside.... I work there....FAIL


looks like someone (puts on sun glasses) pissed themselves

Looks like someone *puts on sunglasses* missed the memo that that joke is old as fuck

Looks like someone *puts on sunglasses* missed the memo that that joke is old as fuck

Looks like someone (puts on sunglasses) doesn't get it. (Me)

Looks like someone *puts on glasses* doesn't know you don't point out the fuckung obvious.

Looks like someone *puts on the sunglasses* watches too much CSI miami

looks like someone *kills the next person that says puts on sunglasses* is currently taking a huge dump(me)

emmanizzer 6

i think those jokes are still really funny if used at the right time. :) that wasn't though

We_Li_Ve_Fr_Ee 0

C-C-Combo Breaker.

KingDingALing 9

Looks like someone, (takes off sunglasses, throws them on the ground, and stomps on them until they are in pieces) needs to shut the fuck up.

missy1228 2

damn this funny

xGraycloud 4

66, agreed (x

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hahaha this is hilarious xD but fyl

lol. that must be draculas cabaret on the gold coast!!! Hahhaa I know that big screen you mean! as yea that sucks. fyl

and btw there is toilets OUTSIDE draculas. FYL

Draculas is pretty cool. Very funny. I hated the creepy train ride though!

I loved the train ride in, seeing my sister scared shitless was classic, everyone that didn't jump was either old, or had a beer in their hand lol

SLiPKNoT57 0

that must of been embrassing. fyl

put that on YouTube :D

your picture is the coolest :D

draculas ftw. best place to go!

put it on youtube

Ermm look at #4

ermmm I that wasn't there before I typed my comment you batch

yes Dav, try looking at the time difference...2 seconds isn't very long ;)

That's 2 minutes not seconds ther buddy.

Atishuh 0

What a.. PISSY day. Kidding, I fail. XD FYL.

tarabelle 7

aww that sucks :( I'm sorry

because I would have made everyone pay me

you_failed 15

Wow! That's not right. :|

That sucks :( FYL.