By Decker - 14/02/2010 01:04 - United States

Today, I went to a crowded Walmart with a hot new girl I'm dating. It was raining and we had to park far from the entrance. As soon as we get out of my car, she starts sprinting to get out of the rain. I run to catch up and slip on a metal plate, and do a reverse superman onto my ass. FML
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baker45678 0

Quick question. Why didn't you drop your date off at the front and go park yourself? Seems like a gentlemanly thing to do.

PsychoMerk 0

well that's another one for the books >_> took me a while to visualize the whole "reverse superman" thing


hahahha first and that sucks but verry funny

TheDaveCA 1

You took a hot girl to... Walmart?

FMLFML123123 0

taking a hot girl to walmart..not that strange actually kind of cute because it means they are really comfortable with each other and can share doing things like running errands together. there not an awkward only movie dinner couple.

@snickerdoodles #14 lol agreed

FMLFML123123 0

not always it never even said what they shopping for so it can't be tacky. like if they were shopping condoms at walmart that equals tacky. but like groceries is not tacky because they actually are cheap there. and in my town there is a sketch walmart but on the other side of town there is a really nice walmart.

FMLFML123123 0

where do you buy your food from then? but who says they were trying to be nutritional? people buy junkfood even if they aren't fat so get over it. and packaged food is the same everywhere. they don't make it at the store. so just don't buy generic brands. that shit is nasty.

you're fat, and you smell like tuna

do u ever stfu snickersht

FMLFML123123 has a good point. As long as you stay away from generic brands they have the same shit you can find anywhere else - and at a consistently lower price. Unless you only buy Armani duct tape or Prada AA batteries, being a "no-Wal-Mart snob" usually just amounts to throwing money down the drain for nothing but an imagined sense of superiority.

Don't diss him, taking your girl to WalMart is the epitome of class here in Florida for the rednecks... Pure class... Not in CA though, nope, don't do that.

fmlfml123123 - it doesn't have anything to do with being a snob. it has to do with supporting stores that take care of their employees (which walmart does NOT) and that do good things with their profits (which they do NOT) Not to mention the food in that store is not food. it's highly processed junk that is to blame for our higher rates of disease than ever before an it is shipped from thousands of miles. Grow a garden, that's cheap too.

WTF is wrong with going to Wal Mart? I friggin LOVE that store! 

Walmart only helps you save money if you buy a shitload of stuff. Anyways, Walmart is the classy place to go now?

pongmaster 0

shut up snickernooble

shiznutmuffin 0

how's that tacky, they could've just been hanging out.

Ryan4777 0

snickerdoodles your retarded mabe there's a particular thing that's at walmart that they want did you ever think of that cause yea it doesn't make it taky or cheap god some people say stupid stuff

Agree with #9 and YDI for not dropping her off at the door before parking. You just started dating a hot girl and you're treating her like your sister. Pretty soon we'll see "I got dumped by my hot gf because our dates were lame and I was unchivalrous."

thank you. also OP. you deserve it. why the hell didn't you do the gentleman thing and drop her off at the front, then go and park? whe. you leave, go get the vehicle and pick her got it!!!.... at the front!!! kids nowadays...

snickerdoodles, you know normal people, as in people without Gingervitus, actually need to buy food every once in a while

Shaun232 4

yeah i can see why she left

mrmystery96 0

Correction, that should be Ronald McFatass.

today I went to walmart with my fat cousin. he was creeping me out so when we parked all the way in the back of the parking lot, I ran to the store and his fat ass slipped on the asphalt while he was trying to catch me.

tommymendo 0

Maybe he's rich and doesn't want to spend money on a "dirty girl" lol

hotpink90 0

Lmao at slickness's comment!

i was thinkin what #9 sed. ydi for tht lol but hope u feel better n learned your lesson: DONT take hot girls to walmart.

ashley1518 0

I agree with 104..even brothers drop their sisters at the door at school and then go park... everyday no matter what the weather!

YDI for just being at walmart

that FrickIn sucks Really bad, Sucks To be you.

xxxNataliexxx 0

Lol sucks to be you

whitley1031 0

ur hot, just sayinn :P i know ppl will say somethin bout me bein a horny jerk or w/e, but if u wanme to fix it: you are beautiful. Im just complimenting her and speaking my mind people, get over yourself

i liek has a blowhole and doesn't afraid of anything.

#1, your comment is as pointless as your life. do humanity a favor and start running headfirst into a wall until you die.

your a asshole

he is a asshole telling someone to run headfirst into a wall untill they die. That would make him an asshole

who likes whales? I do!

who's gay? you are

dudeitsdanny 9

Who's compensating for a small penis? ^^^^^^ You are.

R1xStunna 0

shut up snicker you annoying and your face looks like a foot

whitley1031 0

holy shit, #57!! that was hilarious xD and #1's comment was legit. I agree, ur an @$$h013 crackbone-thing

abbygalee 1


haleykerr 0

someone said this and I got a warning for my comment?!? whoever said this is a f***ing idiot. screw yourself.

haleykerr 0

snickerdoodles ( by the way nice name) hah. you're a freak. that is all.

Just_Me_143 0

Wow... embarasing... she probabaly didn't see though since she sprinted ahead of you. But don't worry I'm sure plenty of people seen you :)

kniickles 0

superman that hoe!! XD

She'll probably ditch you for being a stupid klutz!

You deserved it for going to walmart.

PsychoMerk 0

well that's another one for the books >_> took me a while to visualize the whole "reverse superman" thing