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By  Bentonic  |  21

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#3's got it right, everyone has days like that, OP. My money's on everyone there having forgotten about it by lunch! You'll remember it for a while, that's the nature of embarrassment, but try not to fret too much. Damn shame you didn't get your coffee, though. There lies the true FML of the situation.

  barbsillvy  |  23

It does happen to everyone, the other day I fell while I was putting gas on my car, it quiet hilarious and awkward, oh well, we all have those days like number #3 had said.

By  itsalanis  |  44

Oh, don't worry about them. I once had a sudden nosebleed when I was ordering my coffee and the cashier looked at me with a terrified look before I realized what happened to me. Just shake it off and don't let it bring you down. :)

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