By embarrassed - Australia
Today, I went out with my boyfriend and thought I'd wear two bras under my singlet-top to make my chest look bigger. Upon leaving Target, one of the security guards noticed the extra straps and accused me of shoplifting. I had to spend the next 20 minutes explaining the situation to security. FML
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  Unikorni  |  3

"Guys hate big boobs"? Haha, that's amusing.

It's kinda funny you can say that for every single guy on this planet. That's like saying "People hate rock music.", because even if someone do, there are still shitload of people who definitely don't.

I do get quite a bit of free drinks in bars considering that guys hate big boobs. Must be pity or something..

  RokstaRx88  |  0

ydi the female form is beautiful as is if you are self consious with smaller breast you'll still be the same with bigger. beyond a handful or mouthfull is just unnecessary IMO b or c cups all you need


you need to dress up to got to target with your bf. and "dressing up" to you means wearing multiple bras? learn how to stuff it like a real fake girl, or, now here's a crazy idea, be yourself and be confident and you'll find there someone out there who'll like you for who you are. if not, I seriously doubt your boob size should be pop priority.

A math lesson for you:
++= / --=

  GarryG  |  0

dude, self confidence isn't just somthing you gain over night... it's harder for some ppl than it is for others because of things they have gone through, or because ppl have said shit to them. I would know :)


^ Bs there are stores that sell self confidence and the "man up and don't be a pussy" or "suck it up bitch" applies here if they think that they're fat then go change that. if they have a medical disease or something that they can't change then unfortunately they kinda need to accept it and move on. op could overcompensate by giving more Bjs.

  Thawn  |  0

142 - I've been through more shit then you can imagine so don't get all high and mighty on me. even after everything I still have self confidence because I learnt a long time ago that people who put you down are just trying to take the focus off their own pathetic self. if you're just another person leeching off the 'pity me' bullshit then grow up. life is only as hard as you let it be!

  ladiesman14  |  0

Target has the most retarded uniformed and undercover security guards. i had an undercover 300 pound black target guard profile me. you know what blew his cover ? a Hula Hoop that he was carrying. how many black 300 pound guys hula hoop ?