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By  dcstream  |  0

My wife's family did this on our first honeymoon; AND they booked rooms on both sides of our room.

We had purposely loud sex every morning and night for 2 weeks.

EDIT: Only one of their rooms was connected.

  Kofu  |  0

You a disgusting, unsettling person. It's family. You're probably the same person who kidnaps four year old girls to gut them and hang their entrails from the trees in your backyard. Go die.

  foolsangel  |  4

Or even the same room. I read a story where someone's mom turned it into a family vacation and booked everyone one suite to save money. Still, having your family go at all sucks.


Lol I would have done the same thing- I mean, it's your honeymoon! Your parents should know that honeymoons are for the newlyweds to have lots and lots of sex. FYL for having stupid parents.

By  WolfgangDS  |  0

If that ever happens to me, this is what I'm going to say to my mother.

"This is Husband-and-Wife time, Mom. You had some with Dad. Now I get some with my wife. GO. HOME. We plan on enjoying each other. I'm sorry, Mom, but incestuous threesomes just aren't part of the plan. LEAVE."

Or something like that.

You need to tell your family to go home because you weren't planning on having any orgies on your honeymoon.