By newyearstandup - Australia
Today, I went on a first date, only for us to find the restaurant wasn't open on New Year's Day. My date suggested going to the mall instead. We drove in our own cars. Me: the mall, him: home. I waited for 40 minutes before realising he'd stood me up. Happy New Year to me. FML
newyearstandup tells us more :
Thanks for the support guys. To answer some of your questions.... The mall was suggested by him as we figured it was the only place we knew 100% was open. I don't think he suggested a closed restaurant deliberately. In my city it's touch and go what will be open on public holidays. We knew exactly where to meet - where all the restaurants are at the mall. And I did call and message a couple of times but received nothing back. He also deleted me from the dating site we met on. So it was a clear ditch. He knew what I looked like beforehand so dunno what it was! And we basically just had a one minute conversation so doubt I could have pissed him off in that little amount of time! Very doubtful he was in an accident. Definitely dodged a bullet I think. Hopefully this doesn't set the tone for 2015!
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  mzcupcakez  |  20

#6 - Considering the fact that they both left for the same location at the same time and she was still waiting for him 40 minutes later, I think it would be pretty evident that he has stood her up and she isn't accusing him "so quickly".

By  xninix_fml  |  36

Damn that's fucked up. If he wasn't interested in you he should've just told you instead of standing you up. I'm sorry op that he did that, but your probably better off without him :)