By Catsfordays - United States - Yucaipa
Today, I went on a date with someone I considered a real catch, my potential soulmate even. He ended up telling me about his fetish for "female smells", sang loudly in Italian in a crowded restaurant, and ate most of the food on my plate. Man, fuck dating. FML
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By  CommentKing207  |  23

Some people are just straight up weird. Trust me, I've liked girls and it didn't work out because they were either creepy or clingy. You'll find the one for you sometime OP, don't feel bad about 1 date. Get back out there and find someone perfect!

  Isa_fml  |  20

She's being sarcastic, you fucking idiot.

By  Jakk100  |  20

I'm wondering if you considered him so highly before, or after he started proclaiming such weird things. If it was before I'm more concerned as to why he didn't voice his odd opinions sooner!