By kittyfiddlernono - Bulgaria - Pernik
Today, I went on a date with a seemingly really awesome guy. It went quite well, until dessert came and he started telling me why bestiality "isn't really so wrong, you know?" Riiiggghhttt. Looks like I'm still single. FML
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  xBethanyC  |  15

But hey, at least he told you sooner better than later. Just imagine if he had never told you, and then one day you come home to find him having some "fun time" with fido.

  cosmosis  |  12

92- Some of us males (not all of us) use these lines as scare tactics to escape commitment whilst trying not to make the lady feel bad about herself.
The classic "sorry, im gay!" line is a perfect example.
It seems abit less harmful than "sorry, not interested"... Right?

By  Brock_Dudeson  |  11

Maybe he heard u were a bitch and thats y he went after u

By  Pleonasm  |  35

Man some people just can't wait until dessert to cream themselves.
He is one crass act, OP. Maybe it was just a corny pick up line pertaining to him being a beast or you beng a hot chick, but in any event, he will be comitting bestiality tonight on his chicken, alone.