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Today, I went on a date with a girl. She drove while texting someone then stopped at a house and told me to wait in the car. She left her phone so I looked at the last text and it says "I'm here for the quicky". Our "date" was a decoy to throw her mom off so she could sleep with another guy. FML
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  nomadxx7  |  0

iBimmer, suck a dingleberry will you. Every comment I've ever seen from you is some sort of stupid YDI for the more erroneous of reasons. YDI for reading her texts, YDI for having a father, YDI for having a beer, YDI for breathing oxygen. My god, everything everybody ever does on this site is definitely their own fault. Yep, couldn't be that this girl is skank for using this dude as a decoy to get some sex. Nope, it's his fault since he should have KNOWN that that was going to happen. Sorry but if I went on a date and my date was like wait in teh car and it turned into any considerable amount of time (and quicky isn't quick) then I'd probably get bored and read her cell phone too. Inconsiderate for her to do that to him, immature for him to look, but in the end he found out the reason she ditched him. Now how about you go back under your rock iBimmer until the next FML and you can tell them they deserve it for whatever illogical reason your pea-brain can decide. Idiot.

  KumoFF7  |  3

Actually, that that YDI was reasonable. He shouldn't be checking the girls text messages, he had no reason to believe anything was going on even if there was. Its called privacy. You really needed to right a paragraph in response to that? You must have no life at all if you are so familiar with all of iBimmer's comments, you probably spend all day on here. Shut the fuck up and get over it. Idiot.


First thing you should have done is call her mother and say that your sorry that you have to leave her daughter at (Put address in here)... at (put guys name here) house. Say you heard some panting and screaming and got scared.

About 10 mins from then you should have texted the guy "tell your girl thanks for the new phone"

That being shouldnt have read her texts, but she was a moron to leave her phone...Karma can be a bitch!!

  Casualt1234  |  0

the problem is that iBimmer is not funny or interesting. i've seen a few of his comments and never laughed once. if you're gunna troll, at least make us laugh or swell with rage. that is the point, is it not?

  invictvs  |  0

I am guessing if you are replying to this situation as YDI b/c of some "privacy" bullshit, you are a female; and not focusing on the major issue, which is that this cunt had her "date" wait outside while she blew some other dude in his house. If you say YDI, you are just as guilty as that whore

  RemixV4  |  1

simplyapril - Ironic, considering she was betraying his trust with that fake date.

If it were me, I would have left her there, drove back to her house, and handed the phone (with text visible) to her mom/dad with a one-liner like "There was a change in plans". Then proceed to head home with a smile on my face knowing paybacks a bitch.

  underaegis  |  0

you: plz be a threesome plz be a threesome.

you just think she's a bitch cuz you had to go home to masturbate instead of actually getting some on a pointless date with a slut.

  cattoe7  |  0

hmm weird i understood it just fine & that sucks i would have left & called her mom then it might be harder for her to do that again, shes a skank.

By  ashmash  |  0

that woman has NOO class. so you were supposed to just sit and wait while she had sex...i would be amused as to what lie she would tell about why she took so long in there

By  DoomJeff91  |  2

You should have sex with the next guy you see to get back at her. Just be on the way to a movie and say "Stay here. I need a quickie too" and practically rape the usher.

  DoomJeff91  |  2

Watch him follow my advice and I get interoggated by law enforcement. "We understand you told a guy that it's okay to rape ushers.... Is that some sort of sick joke? We found a DVD in your apartment labeled 'Box Office Boys 8." Care to explain?"