By Burning Love - 15/03/2014 07:35 - United States - Phoenix

Today, I went on a date. As I hugged him, I felt tingles. As a big believer in clichés, I thought it was the tingles of falling in love. Turns out, it was my allergic reaction to his cologne. I now look like I burned my face. FML
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At least he didn't ask you if his handkerchief smelled like chloroform.

This girl is on fire.


Your love was so strong it was fiery

Wow, even worse than one of my puns- and that's saying something. *applause*

kaimariebee 15


That indeed is OP's name, good job.

Jaaared_ 15

Just stop trying.

One fail was bad enough....stop trying to be funny.

You already wasted the first comment on a crappy joke. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO RUIN THE SECOND???

I don't get it joke 1-2 both negative marks but 3 just as cheesy all positive. Wth. Lighten up people. They're jokes

tpm45 25

Where there is desire there is gunna be a flame.

Love is a battle field

maebelline12 12

And where there is a flame someone's bound to get burned.

Am I only dreaming? Or is this burning an eternal flame?

At least he didn't ask you if his handkerchief smelled like chloroform.

REALAfroninga 11

That's my pick up line! It really stinks when you have to carry her out of the bar!

Well usually the tingles are in the stomach, not the face. Maybe next time op!

Nothing says love more than a burned face.

Cologne you say? Love stinks.

Quick! To the Benadryl!