By Juanna - United States
Today, I went on a blind date. We were walking in the park and I noticed a funny smell. I looked down and realized I stepped in dog crap. I tried to nonchalantly rub it off on the grass, but instead hit a patch of wet grass and slipped onto my butt, right into a pile of goose poop. FML
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  kingston52  |  0

the dog crap thing isnt so bad, it happens to everyone
but the goose poop ist bad at all
geese poop is dry and solid, it wouldnt mess anything up, you could just dust it away

By  detroiter  |  0

Pointing out the shoe shit would have likely been humorous & you could have then not had to try to sneakily get it off your shoe therefore not fallen in the goose shit.

  andydawg8891  |  0

It's possible (but not likely). I live in PA and we have a park that's located down stream from a power plant. The foul there never leave because the water is fairly warm all year round.