By coveholli - 15/11/2014 14:43 - Australia - Perth

Today, I went on a blind date. Not only did his phone go flat before I found him, but we were at totally different bars. FML
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Buzz kill. Find someone else and have a conversation.

Walk around with your eyes closed and chat up the first guy you bump into, it's a blind date after all.


Buzz kill. Find someone else and have a conversation.

Walk around with your eyes closed and chat up the first guy you bump into, it's a blind date after all.

#8 Hopefully there aren't any low beams nearby.

If you keep your eyes closed and hands below waist level, you're sure to bump into a different type of bump.

at least it wasnt one of those blind dates where you were the one wishing you were blind

I honestly would rather be deaf then blind. I had a girl ask if anyone put peanut butter in my dimples and lick it off... What the hell! Looks are superficial, while good conversation is deep and wholesome.

I think it means the battery died.

#26 Sorry if I'm missing something, but do you mean 'I'd rather be BLIND than DEAF'? You said looks are superficial (hinting that you wouldn't care as much if you couldn't see people), while good conversation is deep and wholesome (hinting that you find it important to be able to hear). Haha I just wanted to point this out, correct me if I'm being stupid.

I meant as far as dating. I've had a lot of one I just wanted to be rude a and tell them to shut the hell up but don't . I re read it and I see how you could get that. Oh and it's the reciprocal of what you quoted me. I said that referring to the guy above me. Poorly worded on my part. The point was looks don't matter as much as conversation and personality , to a degree .

Damnit ran out of time to edit. I misread you saying did you mean. Sorry.

Well, you know now that you showed up at different places, right? So you made contact after the incident. I don't see how your life is negatively impacted by this in any way. You can just reschedule.

Exactly... it's not much of an fml!

At least you hung around long enough to find him!

Bars always smell,but not as bad as a fart in a jury.

You commented on the wrong FML, bro.

Fu(insert c here)k off!!

Context: the original comment said "did it smell?" Before he realized his mistake and changed it.

#11 For me it just said C! Now my reply makes no fucking sense!

None of ours are relevant now... No sleep for a week now.

noodles. ( thought I would make an irrelevant comment too).

My bad! Was on the app with no signal and don't know what happened there. #11.. You mean "she" :(

You're on the Internet. It doesn't matter your gender. To everyone. you're just a nameless person writing comments. Lol

It wasn't meant to be.

Thankfully, life doesn't actually work that way

So try again...with better communication...or just don't do blind dates

So? just meet another time. You guys still talked afterwards

No boom boom for you.

"now let me hear you say wayoh"

"here come the brotha with the offbeat flow"

How is this a FML? Reschedule. Simple as that.

You're already at a bar, go ahead and meet people!

Well hopefully you met some other people! Just make the best of those situations!