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Today, I went back home. My drunk mother was screaming at my drunk step-dad about a fight that happened four years ago. My little sister was looking in the mirror practicing her "orgasm face" while the neighbors were dancing outside, coked out and naked. FML
By Anonymous / Saturday 19 September 2009 04:55 / United States
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  wasted0087  |  0

I'm so sure it has soo much class. I mean, "Faggoty" is definately something to say when you want to represent class to what you're proud of. Also the lack of spelling is again... Very classy. We should all look to you for advice for class. All Hail King of the Losers!

  twiride  |  12

Her parents are probably not drunk, her sister is probably like 5 and making silly faces, and her neighbors are drinking coke. I call it F-A-K-E.