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  skitzofunia88  |  8

All things aside, that mailbox is now his territory. I suggest you do what is necessary and piss on it. Otherwise you're mailman won't know where to deliver you're mail. Do it, and do it meow!

  idntwannaknow  |  3

Step one: get a squirt gun (one with decent range)
Step two: piss in it until it's full
Step three: wait for your neighbor
Step four: hit him over the head with a bat (this step is optional)
Step five: squirt him with piss
(if you did step four, make sure he is conscious before proceeding with step five)

And remember,
Have fun! ;)

  rubberduckie94  |  13

It would be easy to get away with in the country. Though if we saw you and you were not a drunken friend we would not bother with police. We would take it into our own hands.

  nollid7  |  5

Call the cops, say he was naked and he'll get a sexual predator sticker on him. He shouldn't have fucked with you or your mailbox.
That's a double whammy.
That's fucking with a piece of Federal property. What a dumbass. ^_^