By Anonymous - / Saturday 19 January 2019 20:00 /
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  Yudith  |  18

HR will have a field day watching the video, than watching it again "to evaluate the quality of the proof", than watching it yet again with the bosses and some popcorn.

By  Chazzster  |  20

OP has (had by now) a moral quandary to deal with:

(1) Get the tape to management or HR and be instrumental in getting the lazy, horny coworkers fired.

(2) Ignore what happened and passively assist and condone this irresponsible and unethical work behavior.

(3) Let the participants know he has proof and effectively blackmail them with the evidence.

Reporting the participants is what will probably fit the company rules, but OP may come to feel bad about being instrumental in getting the participants fired. Ignoring what happened will probably result in the participants thinking they got away with their actions and likely lead to them repeating it. Letting the participants know that OP has access to the proof could make one or more of the participants desperate and could potentially lead to violence or possible false charges against OP.

Looking at it this way, the least negative impact to OP is probably going to HR/management with the tape.

OP - We are curious now. How did this all end?