By badwaitress - United Kingdom
Today, I was working as a waitress at a wedding. I was trying to clear the tables as quickly as possible and decided to place a half bowl of soup on top of the pile of plates I was carrying. As I was hurrying back to the kitchen I tripped and spilt the soup all over the bride's ivory dress. FML
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  NuTrees  |  9

Harsh much? You hate hard working people who have unfortunate mishaps enough to end their life and risk going to jail for the rest of yours AND not to mention jeopardizing your afterlife.. jeez hatred is powerful. OP! at least you can laugh about it right?

  LunaaBluee  |  27

Not sure why she would laugh about it.... Considering it was her wedding day. Some things such as what was said on this FML can be easily prevented. I mean when did it ever cross her mind that putting a bowl full of soup on top of the pile would be okaii ? If I was the boss I would've fired her no offence or anything but at a job like that you can't afford to screw up especially when it comes to messing up a brides gown.