By DamnDogs - Canada
Today, I was woken up by my neighbour's dog losing its mind, and I remembered reading a story about someone ignoring a dog and later finding out that their car had been stolen. Paranoid, I went outside to check on mine. Nope. Just the damn dog barking at one thirty in the morning. FML
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  deviable  |  9

My dog saved my neighbors from a burglar. 4 in the morning we let her out and she raised hell, then we saw flashlights bobbing in the windows. Our neighbors were on vacation so we called the cops, and they were caught. Coolest thing my dog had ever done. We loved her, bless her soul, but she was about as smart as a bag of bricks.

  princev4  |  3

OP pulled a noob move. Who is afraid of a car being stolen. I simply just smite it with a frost bolt and arcane blast. One time when I was raiding Stormwind, I took three feral rogues by myself. This is all after a pwned the king of course. I also got a nuke on Salvage going 32-1, I think it's stupid how your own nuke kills you. You should be able get into a metal box that shields you from harmful rays. Gosh some people these days..

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

^ Experience tells me no one has a dignified "o-face", at least not without practicing a lot in front of a mirror first. ;)
That being said, nice profile pic. :)

By  reccee  |  0

If it's a persistent problem call the cops. If that doesent work poison the damn thing. Rat poison in a meat ball will work. Just insure you use enough and don't pay with a credit card or buy it in a store nearby and destroy the wraping. Good luck!

  reccee  |  0

I don't stand in back yard and bark all night so I have no worry about being poisoned. Sure hope you feel the same way about rat poison for rats. Otherwise your just another hypocrite.

  DocBastard  |  38

My sarcasmometer is NOT beeping, so it seems that you're actually just a sadistic fuck.

Poison a dog that is simply doing something innate? Really? Maybe I should poison you for being an asshole.