By Anonymous - 12/11/2011 14:19 - United States

Today, I was watching wrestling videos on YouTube, when my little brother walked in. Later, my little brother told my parents that I was watching naked men on my computer. They won't stop thinking that I was watching gay porn. FML
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Well you have to admit, they're pretty similar.

A bunch of sweaty men in their underwear fighting over a belt? Sounds kinda gay to me


Well you have to admit, they're pretty similar.

leogirl95 12

Wrestling is like gay porn, only with leotards.

Damn_Hippster 11

Let's be real here, wrestling is gay porn. It's fake and it's half naked men jumping on each other, while "hurting them"

Just like the south park episode


I think anyone who always tries to say that wrestlers must be gay just must be jealous and/or have no athletic ability whatsoever (thts how it usually goes). Cuz wrestlers are damn sexy! :) and not fake wrestlers- I'm talkin bout real wrestlers!

Why is everyone assuming that this is the fake, showboat crap? OP could've been watching the type of wrestling that actually takes skill and athleticism.

Sweaty half naked men grabbing each other is kind of gay

KiddNYC1O 20

Remember, gay porn pays more than straight.

RawrForYaoi 0

Just show your parents the history . They'll see you haven't been watching gay porn . And if they don't believe you , play the same video infront of your brother and parents then your brother will say "oh that's the video !" c:

Damn_Hippster 11

20- " that's not wrastling!"

Fuck off. If u say its gay than ur jusy homophobic. No one gets excited doing it therefor its not gay

Hey 45 - Why so mad?

FruityLoooons 8

44 - That's due to high demand. Not many people are that willing to do porn, especially gay porn, so the gay porn industry takes what it can get and gives you a little reward for it, too (if you're a guy, obviously). But anyway, yeah, wrestling isn't really gay.

Oh no! General badass on the case!

Ydi for watching wrestling. Grow up.

KiddNYC1O 20

I stand corrected lol.

Why is everyone assuming he was watching tsumo wrestling? He is from America, so he was probably watching WWE raw or something like that.

SW500 13

First off, they are singlets. Secondly, real scholastic/colligate wrestling is the hardest sport, except perhaps MMA.


81- true! and to those who haven't watched one before, grab a seat to comp! I love em! and no, not just cuz of the hot guys either.

To all you ignorant fucks: wrestling IS gay, takes no skill, it is ALL an act. MMA, TaeBo, boxing is real, but WWE and the sort are admittedly pre orchestrated acts. If you thumbs down this comment, it's because you think real men need chairs and ladders to beat one another, including the refs and -acting- audience members.

You're a genious!

Ms_Krazie 4

Yeah...sure you were watching "wresting videos!" thats what you just want them to think.

DKParth13 5

What u trying to say??

Fyl id hate to have a younger sibling

babyyninjas 1

scene kid ... gross

Don't be an asshole.. Scene girls are freakin' hot!!

I think that remains to be... "scene"!

2ndSucks 15

Well do you see her picture? If I wasn't straight, I'd totally tap that.

NotAPedo 0

I'm currently accepting young, unwanted siblings. You know... Like a charity.

buttercupp2137 0

I know your name says, "not a pedo" but it's kinda weird to always use kids in your life....especially not yours....and your words to live by.....creepy.

Too bad that isn't even a picture of her. I've seen it at least two other times in various places on the interwebs.

A bunch of sweaty men in their underwear fighting over a belt? Sounds kinda gay to me

TunechiXXL 0

Übbbberrrr gaaaaay

DKParth13 5


saIty 17

Were you watching the deadly face to crotch move? I heard it could knock anyone out.

Both are fake and gay.

What I would like to know is, how old are you and why were you watching a bunch of grown men run around in tight spandex anyway?

If I heard that my kid was watching gay porn, I'd be supportive. I mean, teenage boys will watch porn, so I don't care what audience it's directed at. However, if I heard he was watching wrestling, he'd be promptly disowned. In other words, let them remain ignorant. (But not really. You don't want them to think you're gay if you're not.)

You would let him watch gay porn? Puta madre wey, what is this world coming to??

You probably do anyways ;)

Guess they're both fake.

Your picture is a win!!!!!!