By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was watching wrestling videos on YouTube, when my little brother walked in. Later, my little brother told my parents that I was watching naked men on my computer. They won't stop thinking that I was watching gay porn. FML
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  13FMYLIFE  |  0

I think anyone who always tries to say that wrestlers must be gay just must be jealous and/or have no athletic ability whatsoever (thts how it usually goes). Cuz wrestlers are damn sexy! :) and not fake wrestlers- I'm talkin bout real wrestlers!

  RawrForYaoi  |  0

Just show your parents the history . They'll see you haven't been watching gay porn . And if they don't believe you , play the same video infront of your brother and parents then your brother will say "oh that's the video !" c:

  FruityLoooons  |  8

44 - That's due to high demand. Not many people are that willing to do porn, especially gay porn, so the gay porn industry takes what it can get and gives you a little reward for it, too (if you're a guy, obviously).

But anyway, yeah, wrestling isn't really gay.

  daminantion  |  14

To all you ignorant fucks: wrestling IS gay, takes no skill, it is ALL an act.

MMA, TaeBo, boxing is real, but WWE and the sort are admittedly pre orchestrated acts. If you thumbs down this comment, it's because you think real men need chairs and ladders to beat one another, including the refs and -acting- audience members.

By  breadfruit  |  0

If I heard that my kid was watching gay porn, I'd be supportive. I mean, teenage boys will watch porn, so I don't care what audience it's directed at.

However, if I heard he was watching wrestling, he'd be promptly disowned. In other words, let them remain ignorant.

(But not really. You don't want them to think you're gay if you're not.)