By Zebracat - 13/4/2011 06:15 - United States
Today, I was watching TV and started freaking out thinking I forgot to tell my boyfriend happy anniversary. I wrote him a text and after it sent, I realized the date is mine and my ex's anniversary date. FML
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  MellyLuck1484  |  7

not only that, but I'm sure if he did remember and confronted her about it, she could easily be like... not our dating anniversary ... start crying and make up some bullshit that she will get to celebrate every year from then on.

  lyndifluff  |  6

fuck off 61 and take the tampon out of your ass I wasn't even rude to them I was just saying. no reason for you to be a cum guzzling thunder cunt about it

  LifeSucksbtw  |  0

101 it would be great If u could stop being a bitch! I hope you stop commenting on fmls soon because u are one of those douches who thinks every one deserves it and you are perfect.

  lyndifluff  |  6

you know I don't know why I'm being attacked to begin with. I wasn't rude to 18 I wasn't mean to the I was just giving my opinion. I would like to know wtf I did to y'all to deserve this? and no I don't think I'm perfect in far from it.

By  locachick101  |  0

oh that's just messed up dude and it still means your in love with your ex, I guess you guys haven't been dating that long to remember it yet or your just that bad of a girlfriend...

  klonopin_ftw  |  0

even head wouldn't make him feel emotionally better about something like this. this is an ego punch. once the ego is damaged, you fucked up pretty bad. OP, your boyfriend deserves better. I hope he dumps you.

  mariazzz  |  5

c'mon 21 it's not like they're engaged or married. I reckon the boyfriend would forgive very easily... hell I'd even greet him naked with a beer! ;). As for the other two above I'm single lol ;)

  jess6blondie9  |  2

97 - You saying "I'm single" to a bunch of guys who you don't know, does make you look pathetic, actually. Even if you were kidding, you still made yourself look a bit desperate.