By "Luke Payne" - 30/12/2019 14:00
Today, I was walking to the bus stop when I realised that I hadn't got my headphones in and was blasting Eminem whilst walking past a bunch of 5 year olds. He said the 'N' word at the same time. I guess I'm not going to that bus stop any more. FML
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By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

One instance of the N-word won't affect 5-year-olds too badly. If they repeat it, their parents will explain that it's a bad word to say. But keep those headphones on in future, before you accidentally expose them to "Kim" from start to finish.

By  Glowworm56  |  25

Usually at that age, kids won't even realize the significance of that word. It's not like they all suddenly started saying it immediately afterwards or all started yelling at you for hearing that word.

By  Afro Hero  |  4

He had to had someone else rapping in the song with him because Eminem doesn't use the N word.