By notwasted39 - / Monday 13 July 2009 16:21 / United States
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  djb23  |  0

look on the bright side, when your old neighbor breaks his hip getting the mail and calls you for help you can walk by him and say "looks like you could use a drink.." and keep walking

  Suekoff16  |  3

That was exactly what I was waiting for someone to say. Thats what I thought of when I saw I fell and couldn't get up and I started laughing thinking of the commercial

  elseany  |  0

#32 caneut you are a retard. shes probably past the crutches stage of recovery, and even if she wasnt quite, a short walk to the mailbox is a good way to build the muscles and get steadier

  Inked2009  |  0

Asshole, they did not ask for you to be a royal bitch. She shouldn't have to say anything a good person would go ahead and help. Not make a jackass remark,and keep going.

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