By the_dog_sitter - United States
Today, I was walking my friend's dog around the neighborhood, as I was walking I noticed a little girl fall off her bike. I let go of the dog and ran over to help. The girl was ok but the dog ran into the street and got hit by a truck. FML
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  hairt  |  4

wtf.. don't ever leave dogs especially when you're out. that girl has legs and a brain she knows what to do. even if you wanted to help, you couldve brought the dog together with you.

By  interventions  |  1

why did you let go of the dog, idiot?
i know exactly how your friend fucking feels, since my dog got hit by a truck a few years ago. it was one of the most awful things i've experienced in my life. you're a horrible person.

  FMLJFL  |  5

Seriously? Falling off a bike is not that bad. If the girl was thrown off and did five flips in the air before she landed on her neck, well then maybe it would be acceptable to let go of everything and run to her. But damn I feel sorry that someone like you was walking that dog