By Anonymous - 22/02/2014 21:02 - United States - Antelope

Today, I was walking home, when a car heading the other way hit a traffic cone. I must have been an asshole in a previous life, because the universe decided to make sure the cone flew into the side of my head. The bystanders were shocked for all of two seconds before laughing. FML
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Hopefully you didn't get a conecussion

People like the bystanders are idiots....sorry about your head


People like the bystanders are idiots....sorry about your head


I guess you could say they were... American Idiots! Get it? Your picture... this taking place in America... I'm sorry, I just had to. I'll leave now...

#30 I thought that was a Green day reference

Obvious reference is obvious...

What a cone head...

At least the traffic come didn't hit his other head

UniCone! Lol

Hopefully you didn't get a conecussion

Tf is wrong with you^

#22, I think #5 was booing the cheesy pun.

No shit Sherlock

AHAHA yeah, I just noticed ):. I'm so slow. it's because he did use caps on the "cone" part so I didn't see it :/

Hope you didn't get seriously hurt.. Bystanders can be big poops

Big poops .... Really ??

afkwarrior 25

this isn't tumblr, calm down

Damn those can hurt! The bystanders clearly have no state of mind. Follow up with telling us how you are feeling, gurl! Or boi!

Girl* boy* Real words, my friend. Real words.

I know, I was imitating my generation, my friend.

19- How can you imitate what you are clearly part of?

You're imitating the irrational and over-generalized portrayal of what your generation appears to be*.

"People try to put him down, talkin' bout his generation. Just cause his context's upside dooown"

That really sucks! I hope your day went better after that...

I hope you weren't hurt OP!

Hopefully nobody recorded :p

Hopefully someone did!

They could put it on the Conen o'Brian show if they did.

People have very cruel humor. I hope your head is okay!