By woo. - 7/2/2009 21:51 - United States
Today, I was walking down the street with my newly healed implants, when a drag queen approached me and asked who my doctor was, because I was the "most convincing transgender he had ever seen." I'm a woman. FML
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By  Vic_Sage  |  0

What make a man?
Is it the woman in his arms?
Just cause she has big titties?
Or is it the way he fights every day?
....No, it's probably the titties
Now you're a man
A man, man man
Now you're a man-man

By  TC_fml  |  0

My drag queen friends have always been the best judges of "womany" things, so if they say your teat pods look great take it as a compliment. OTOH, in some cases, you might want to shave your 'stache and perhaps lay low on the shoulder/biceps work outs (just teasing)

By  njb042  |  0

to #15: I am close friends with several trans people, and they do find the term "tranny" offensive.
MTF trans people are not stylized versions of women, drag queens are. MTFs ARE women, they dress and look and act as much like biological females as possible. I know that all these terms (Crossdressing, transgender, transvestite, transsexual, drag queen, etc) can get confusing, but if you have no idea what the differences are, don't pretend that you do.

By  Transcowgurhl  |  0

f-ing drag queens. As a transgender woman I am sorry you had to deal with one of them. they tend to give us a very negative stereotypical image and they tend to be assholes to any woman that shows even the slightest male tendency. Be it controlable or not hell I have seen one tell my hetero cisgender cousin she was a tranny because she was walking like me before my transition to show me how I used to walk as a joke.

By  justjayit  |  0

It only figures that after you give yourself fake implants someone assumes you're fake. You should've been happy with the way you were instead of wasting money on something as worthless as implants.

By  ohsnapz24  |  0

A lot of drag queens can be jealous because you are an actual woman, and they just want to be it.
Just don't pay it any mind...andddd...
yeah, breast implants? seriously? Are you sick of guys talking to your face?