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Today, I was walking by a bunch of pretty girls. I'm not the most attractive boy, so I walked by nervously. I heard one yell "Hey cutie!" I turned to look, and they started laughing. She said "Oh my god, sorry! I assumed you were cute from your butt!" Apparently, my ass is nicer than my face. FML
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  Akazuki  |  26

Whoa, whoa. Hold it. Although I agree that the girls making fun of OP were total bitches, that does not give you the right to declare that girls are stupid. Had someone said "guys are stupid!!!1!", you would see 5 replies saying that it is wrong to judge all by the actions of one. Don't be an ass.

By  RitzyHoke  |  0

Never turn and look.
I remember during primary,
Childish kids used to call people 'hey handsome',
And when they look back,
They'll say something like "Ew, not you!"

So yeah,
They are probably just childish.

By  paxromana  |  0

I'm sorry to be represented by those inbred moronic girls who think they rule the world. I PROMISE that not all girls are rude like that and beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Don't forget!

P.S. A nice ass is always a plus!