By EmBAREassed - United States
Today, I was walking around Walmart feeling pretty good about myself as I received numerous looks from guys in passing. All of a sudden a man approached me to tell me that my dress was extremely see-through. And, since I was wearing a thong, he and everyone else could totally see my ass. FML
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  humorizer  |  14

I'm confused...

First you were happy that perverts were staring at you. But then you were sad when you realized that perverts were staring at you...

What gives?

  spoo  |  24

WTF is wrong with you for thinking its a problem to wear see through with a thong? You are into sharing, and into being attractive... Just let us know next time so we can come be entertained as well

By  nu_fml  |  0

Know the feel, I've had two incidents "ouh, this top looks good" and then go outside and the world can see my breasts :3 Luckily I had a coat both times. Just know they were looking cause you're probably hot

By  wakingzombies  |  0

YDI for one of two reasons:
If it wasn't intentional, for keeping your see-through slut-dress in with your daily wear and clearly not paying attention to what you're putting on
If it was intentional, then for diving in headfirst without stopping to test the waters. Yes, that's a pool/swimming analogy.

Betting it's the latter.

By  Boudica  |  0

Rules of outfits:
Make sure they're not see through, and if they are get a slip
Make sure that if you need to run like hell, that the girls don't bail out of the dress from the action.

  Capn  |  0

Because EVERYONE owns bright powerful fluorescent lighting in their homes... its not uncommon for the change of lighting to have a completely different effect on clothing.

Its still a YDI though because someone should know whether or not their clothing is thin. She obviously bought it somewhere with bright lighting (Wal-Mart probably) and then forgot about how it looks? I just lawl at the OP