By cpmolly - United States - Omaha
Today, I was waiting in line with my boyfriend behind me. I decided to hold his hand and rub his chest while we waited. Then I heard a female voice behind me that said, "Ma'am, please don't touch me." FML
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  Koppol  |  15

I have a feeling if it were me in her place, more words would've been exchanged, consider yourself lucky OP that she didn't start yelling about sexual harassment.

  Zebediabolical  |  39

Grabbing someone's boobs without their consent is past sexual harassment. And is well into the range of sexual assault. Fortunately for OP the accidental victim seems to be cool about it.

  _duchess  |  3

I'm pretty sure most if not all of the details in this are fabricated but if true I HIGHLY doubt a court would convict a woman for touching another woman's breast due to a misunderstanding.

By  IAmJad  |  18

Either she has a flat chest or your boyfriend is overweight. YDI