By slingerslasher - 05/07/2016 19:09 - United States - New York

Today, I was using the short urinal when I heard someone say, "Ahem!" in a loud voice. I looked back to see an angry little kid. He made me switch urinals so he could use the short one. I got urinal-evicted by a little boy. FML
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Well I mean, was it meant for children...?

Why were you using it if it was the kid urinal ??


Well I mean, was it meant for children...?

It could be for little people, I suppose.

You're both wrong; it's for those of us that hang extra low.

Technically speaking it's for anyone but it was designed for people with shorter legs, so they wouldn't have to stand on their toes just to pee

tinytyler 12

I understand that girls and women don't understand it, but it's not like it's reserved for smaller people. It's used by everybody when the normal sized ones are being used

it's meant for anyone who needs it, whether it be because of height, availability, or other reasons, I personally prefer to use the lower one because aiming lower reduces splashback (i'm also quite tall and have a strong flow rate so it's not an excuse for everyone)

Why were you using it if it was the kid urinal ??

He didn't conduct a proper urinalysis of the bathroom.

gquagmire 17

Maybe the other bigger ones were taken earlier?

It could have been a long way down

Cyrus00 41

So he could pretend he was a giant.

Ayyy I got published! And I was using it because it was the farthest away from the door... can't a man try to get a little privacy? :(

Fuck that kid. I would have finished, picked him up, and sat him in the damn urinal. This is AMERICA.

Well, you could always have gone in one of the stalls if you want that much privacy. Maybe don't use the kiddy urinal next time.

why not go one step further? turn around and greet the dude full stream.

it wasnt a kid urinals. Some are higher than others but you aren't supposed to use any specific urinal. Kids typically use the stall or the lower urinals because they're short.

The point is can you use the higher ones? Are they open? If yes to both don't bitch if you have a person who can't use the others angry at you.

FenderM 5

Sure, but not at someone else's expense.

I would fully support this if it wasn't a very reasonable reason to be brought up on exposure and abuse charges #54

I guess you could say urine a lil bit of trouble

I love this comment

It's getting kind of old though.

beeriah17 14

this is the best comment haha

This joke is starting to get as old and tiring as "pretty shitty situation".

Aren't you just so original

Pee on him to show dominance

Lizza330 28

He should wait his turn like everyone else.

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Exactly! I hate bratty-ass children. I would've told him in a polite way that it's taken and he should wait his turn.

ChaoticPenut 4

It's a a urinal he's a big boy and pee in a big boy urinal

Will someone PLEASE think of the children!

Plot twist, the kid was taller

why were you even using a kids urinal in the first place lol

when ur a guy a urinal is a urinal doesn't matter how tall it is it was made to take our piss

Probably the guy was using the short urinal to maintain the one urinal buffer zone between each person using the urinals. Man up. That rude little kid could have waited his turn.

So you had to stop peeing, switch urinals, and then finish? Sounds almost impossible. One does not simply stop peeing. Or did you just kinda jump from one urinal to the other while still peeing? lol

Maybe he did a little spin move to splash the kid on the way to the next urinal.

And I bet he did it in slowmotion too. lol

Actually I did a backflip, for the restroom attendant wondering why there was pee on the ceiling.

I don't know about guys but for girls you can kinda hold it in for a couple of seconds if you try

I don't know about guys but for girls you can kinda hold it in for a couple of seconds if you try

I'm a guy and I can stop mid stream, so it's possible.