By morningeyes - United States
Today, I was trying to remove a temporary tattoo my friend put on my cheek. When warm water and soap didn't work, I tried something else. Just so you know, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers do not, in fact, work by magic. Tell that to the massive chemical burn covering half my face. FML
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By  guitardedman  |  0

haha can't you smell the chemicals in there?
maybe its because i used to do stupid shit like this, but turpentine and paint thinner will do it, although they smell like ass..or rubbing alcohol

  haille_fml  |  0

Um yes it definatley leaves burns. My sister got sharpie allover the walls&herself and didn't wanna go to time out(she's 3 lol), so she took a magic eraser and cleaned the wall and then tried scrubbing her leg with it, she had huge red burns for more than a month.