By Julez - 14/01/2012 16:14 - United States

Today, I was trying on some new pants in the fitting room at a store. I was so overcome with joy when I noticed that I had dropped two pant sizes, that when I took them off and went outside to pay for them, I realized I forgot to put back on my original jeans. FML
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Well congrats. As long as Paul blart didn't chase you down

Hey at least you dropped two pant sizes(:


First! Well If your that skinny we dont mind ;)

Well congrats. As long as Paul blart didn't chase you down

At least you were not trying on underwear.

Reminded me of that holly maddison jeans commercial...

That's unfortunate... but at least you dropped two pants sizes, that's amazing! :)

Relax you're a girl. Girls body is a peace of art :)

That's so weird you say that ! I JUST watched that movie yesterday ;) lol

I think he did.......

I think he did.......

Sounds like a good time haha.

at least you didn't leave the store, right?

Guy walks into OPs changing room. 'Awesome free pants, and there my size!! This is hella cool'

derpster is gonna shit a brick! they're*

When I read that part, I thought it was going to say she got tackled by a security guard.

Hey at least you dropped two pant sizes(:

OP dropped the sizes cause it makes them look hot

Probably different brands and is exactly the same size.

They could've been labeled wrong also.

Lmao, I've come close to doing that before =)

Happens to a lot of people. Chill

What kind of people

forgetful people?

I sometimes almost walk out with my hurr in the aurr. Except it's not exactly the same since people wouldn't know.

I'm not sure if you're talking to me, 50, but I'm usually confusing. I am Muslim and have to cover my hair so that males don't see me. Sometimes I would almost walk out in public WITH MY HAIR SHOWING :O (caps are to make it more dramatic). That's all, I was sharing something no one cares to know :)

I was, thank you(:

Damn I kinda wanna know what stores u shop at since that seems to happen a lot

in fact it is caught by cams

63- I CARE!! I'm Muslim as well, so I totally relate to where you're coming from. Sometimes I have a heart attack when my hair or skin is showing...though I guess a lack of pants may just be a bit worse XD OP, congrats on dropping the pant sizes!! It sucks that you flashed the area around you, though...

Shit happens. Congrats on the two pants sizes though!

*I'm coming out I want the world to know got to let it show*