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ydi for texting anyone that you have "explosive diarreah". FHL for having to read it.

maybe he has a shit fetish lmao response back from him: I'm skipping baseball practice. I'll be right over...


god damn girl!!!

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ouch. I geuss bye bye him. lol. X3

LMFAO dude you sooooo deserves that! how hard is it to know who your txting

umm itsgen it can b kinda hard sometimes coz some phones have like the iPhone have conversations and u can easily get the wrong one. X3


itsgen, this "dude" is a girl???

yeaa i know whats the big deal plenty of people call girls dude all of my friends do that at my school

YDI. Are you 3 or something?

Vigorous anal sex can do that. According to "Bad Santa," you won't shit right for a month! And if you can't trust Billy Bob Thornton, who can you trust?

YDI....Sounds like u have no self respect at all!!

Get over yourself, you prude.