By Richard - / Monday 25 June 2012 03:03 / United States - Uxbridge
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  AussieChild  |  22

Even if they married young, doesn't change the fact that it's important to discuss children before marriage.
My fiancé and I are both 20, and will be getting married in 3 months. We both don't want children until we are 26 or have a house. It's one of those things you discuss in a relationship- no matter the age or current situation


86- If she doesn't want her body look like crap after having a child, then she can hit the gym whenever she can find the time. I know you were just mentioning a possibility, but that's a pretty lame excuse not to have a baby.

  tmmundy  |  17

97...I agree, I have two grown girls (20/23). When I first got pregnant I weighed 105, it took work, but I'm back and have been, at 110 lbs. Sounds like op's wife may not want children at all.

  LolFMLnot  |  10

Just ask her why she doesn't want any kids, and solve the problem. Find a way that she won't mind having kids. Even adoption is a good choice, your giving a child parents that they deserve.

  DjeePee  |  24

"86- If she doesn't want her body look like crap after having a child, then she can hit the gym whenever she can find the time."

My mom's hair changed thanks to labor... From dark blond curls to flat brown hair. Just sayin'.

  J_Shorty_17  |  6

hair doesn't change from labor lmao. You do know that hair colour will change as someone grows up. Some children can be born with blonde hair and grow up to have black hair when they are adults. My aunt is like that and she's never had kids.

  raraisbang  |  12

Not all women have body changes. A good friend of mine has 3 kids and you can't even tell she's had children. She has no stretch marks, is in a size 2, and has beautiful abs.

Plus, children are a blessing. I didn't want children at all, ever. My pregnancy was absolutely accidental, but my son is amazing and I wouldn't go back and not have him even if I could.

I know to each his/her own, I'm just saying that children aren't as bad as some of you make them, and the process of having them, out to be.

  OverBlossomed  |  20

If children were a blessing for you, that's great. But it depends. For some, children are a blessing. For others, children are a curse! Look at all the children who are abused or even killed at the hands of their parents. Clearly, those are people for whom children were not only a curse, but they shouldn't have had them to begin with.

As for children not being as bad as we seem to think, again, that depends on the person. There are parents who admit (anonymously online) that they regret their children, hate parenting and would not do it again if they could go back.

To sum it up: it all depends.

  Migole  |  36

I wondered about that as well o.o I'm 20 and have been with my current boyfriend for almost a year and he is the first one I might consider having kids with. But not before I'm 25 and he thinks the same. We've talked numorous times about this topic. We even sorted out what last name and denomination they should have =P
I can't imagine being married to someone for years and avoiding this topic all the time o.o

  DjeePee  |  24

Or, she may not want children because she simply does not want children. I don't think there are many women who let the pain of labor stop them from having offspring. There are better reasons, you know. I don't want children because

1) I love the way I'm living right now.
2) I do not want to let something change my life forever.
3) I do not want a lifetime responsibility for them.
4) I don't have any motherly feelings at all.
5) I'm way too self-centered to be a decent mother.
6) I don't want my boyfriend to love something more than me.
7) ...
8) I do not want to endure the pain of being pregnant/labor.

This is the second 'my wife doesn't want children'-FML. Makes me sad. Not only for the OP's and their wives, but because I fear my boyfriend will once write this FML. He wants children. He doesn't even know why, he just wants them. He is well aware that I have a different opinion, but he ignores it, thinking that once my mind will change. But if it doesn't....FML.

  OverBlossomed  |  20

If he tries to pressure you into having children and you know with certainty that you don't want any, I think you need to end things with him. Rarely does that situation work out.


Actually, my bfs mom from Jamaica called women bitches without being angry. It is a slang term, depending on where you're coming from it has either a neutral or negative meaning.

  xStaciexLynnx  |  15

Despite the commas I got through the comment and would like to point out people dont just have children because they're 'fun' like a dog. They're also a huge responsibility and at least 18 years of direct care.

  raraisbang  |  12

75, actually I stopped needing direct care at around 9, when I could successfully cook my own meals, get myself up and dressed for school, ha been independently using the potty for years, etc. the only thing I required of my parents was new clothes on occasion, and for them to purchase the food I ate.

Just an FYI - kids don't need DIRECT care until they are 18, and technically they can get a job at 16 usually and cut out most financial care, leaving you solely with the responsibility of housing them. I personally wanted, and got a job at 16 and paid for my own things, food included.

True, not everyone is like this, but it technically is possible.