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Cool mom . first!

I think that's a pretty kick ass mom.


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the best mom ever not an fml

I'm with #1 - best Mom. You don't know when you've got it good.

Exactly! At least she didn't say, "Get the hell out of the shower, I don't want you pregnant." Awesome mom. Watching out for you AND letting you have fun. ;- )

Fuck Your Life? No, you have a cool mom. Your life rocks.

LOL when I first saw this I thought I'd be the first to say you have an awesome mom, look what I see first

i agree with everyone that replied to the first comment to get theirs seen i wish my mom was that cool

I WANT YOUR MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome mom! how old r u ... -_-

Yeah, you better be happy you're mom is that laid back! My mom would kill us both and then have a heart attack if she caught me.

#150 - Haha, that doesn't sound right...

most definitely cool mom. i frickn hope i can be as cool as her once i have children. kudos to the mom.

#256 - My mom was one...she offered to buy me condoms when I was 15. OP - you've got it good. Embarrassing? Yes. Good omen? Definitely.

my mom tried to get me to buy condoms when i was 12. 'just in case'.

My mom caught me in the shower with a girl once... no kids for me...

lmfao sweet ass mom


yes best mom and it was the girl's 2..their probably from the country lol

hows that bad at least she didn't flip

So, did you keep it safe?

everyone knows when you have sex in the shower there is no need for a condom

no theres still risks

You're an idiot. Being in the shower doesn't magically make you free from ANY of the risks.

you have the coolest mom EVER

dont listen to em. everyone knows the shower protects against aids

Yeah if she's "fixed" like my last girl was...greatest thing ever. You can do anything with no worries.

#129 - oh yeah. first thing we learned in sex Ed. shower will save you from everything!

I think 110 was being sarcastic

110, totally not true- you can still exchange vaginal fluids and semen while in the shower, using condoms and not having sex are the only things that protect you from any risks.

you guys brutally raped and murdered the funny in his sarcastic comment

People on this site's comment section have an issue with sarcasm. Ironically them mistaking sarcasm for idiocy is pretty idiotic.

I can't think of many things that would be more awkward than this.


awkward, but cool!

Here's one: The mom could have asked to join in.

He could have orgasmed on her face

HE can't get an orgasm?

I think that's a pretty kick ass mom.

Agreed. I would love my mom to do that!

Ikaite , I mean that is a kick ass mom but I would never want my mom to walk in on me and my boyfriend naked in a shower... Awkward

You're mom seems awesome!

You are mom seems awesome? What?


LOL wow. i would do that

oogyboogy 6

Today, me and my boyfreind were in the shower and I showed him a condom, I was about to put it on he grabbed out of my hands and said " cool water baloons" he's filled it up and threw it at me. fml

hahahhajdhjafhjsdhhahfjkdhsahahhahha did that not make it on the website?!

aww, thats one awesome mom what a cute moment

Awesome mom, yes. Cute... XD

At least she didn't come through the shower curtain like Norman Bates' mom.

not an fml. smart mom

your mom's my hero