By fmlfmlfml - 02/06/2009 18:03 - United States

Today, I was taking a nap. Apparently, my two year old daughter decided to crawl on top of the covers on my bed because she was scared since there was a thunder storm. I thought she was one of our cats so I kicked her off. She hit the wall. FML
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truslide 0

LMAO must have been a hard kick to do that and even then, why the hell would you kick a cat that hard?

I don't think your child will be crawling in your bed anymore for a while... if ever.


truslide 0

LMAO must have been a hard kick to do that and even then, why the hell would you kick a cat that hard?

2sweet_2sweat 0

that's one enormous cat...if anything I'd think you'd mistaken her for uh I dont know...maybe a magically possessed 40 lb dumbell

why the hell would you kick a cat?

Mx_Rider 6

lol 40lb dumbell wow OP, god dam u fail. not only is that fucked but she was 2yrs old... jesus

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how does it feel to be the first comment in the most commented FML????? :D

jisaac09 25

ima just go out on a limb here and say that maybe the OP didnt kick all that hard.... I dont know if im normal or not but my bed is in the corner of the room, against two walls..... so maybe when the OP kicked they actually just raised there leg up and pulled the covers out from under the kid and the kid fell into the wall???

this doesn't sound like it should be your fml, op, sounds like it should be your kid's!

epound28 0

Darwin's Theory of Evolution/"Survival of the Fittest" at work. Great job OP, you're helping homo sapiens continue their evolution by killing the offspring of the weak and stupid -- presuming of course you killed your child by kicking her that hard against a wall. If not, well you're still a fucking dolt.

ive had 40 lb dumbells crawl on me before, my first reaction was indeed to kick it

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skullbashd 3

my names Dwight douchebag

there r many comments on this lol x

WTF y wudd u go to kick it tht hard n poor kid :(

YFDI cause it would have been just as bad had it been a cat, you fucking speciesist. Go fucking jump off a fucking bridge you fucking excuse of a human.

i wanna see what comment # I am :D

comedycentral56 0

what the fuck? animal abuse, and poor girl!

zakkyzebra 11

I always kick cats. it's a habit

is the wall ok???

aminel 0

yeah it'd be yours if a cps got called on you

borichick1 0

aww poor lil girl.

breezybree33 0

Lmao! Nice

haha I was gonna say that!!

duuuuuuuuuuuude. chill the fuck out.

toad396 0

wow u gyes are filed cats deserve to do so do babys ther annoying

larry12693 1

cats are the spawns of the devil.... they walk in their own shit and then walk all over the tabletops where you eat... mmhhhmm... and whenever I'm sleepin over my friends house their cat loves to wind up on my face... (I'm allergic)

dont lie you knew it wasnt your cat...

Guys for all you's who are over reacting, the bed was probably next to the wall. That way, if the kid was perched on the end of the bed- on the wall side- like as not op didn't kick that hard at all. If you get kicked in the direction of a wall you're right next to, you'd donk your head, too. Op's kid probably just got a slight headache and needed a lot of comforting.

Two year olds can seem to not weigh very much to a full grown adult, so it's understandable, from under a blanket, for her to think it was the cat crawling on top of her. (Note: cats can be pretty annoying if they decide to mess with you on your sleep) She most likely lifted her leg to throw off what she thought was the cat, and without a doubt must have been in close proximity to a wall. Poor kid will be somewhat traumatized, but it was an accident. FYL, maybe let your 2 year old sleep with you a few days to make up for it.

Because cats are useless

Ohh noo, why would you kick the cat? - What about the girl?!?!?

Idk about you guys, but I don't think she deserves it. When you're more than half asleep, your senses are dull and you're not entirely aware of what you're doing. Most likely op felt a presence on top of her and, assuming it was the cat, sleepily kicked the cat off.

I don't think your child will be crawling in your bed anymore for a while... if ever.

I can almost guarantee your kid is no longer scared of thunder storms xD

jeanniner 0

OMG! thats terrible.

fattypie101 0

ewww u scary

Yet somehow hilarious

It's people like this who shouldn't have children, or own pets...

why would you even kick your cat off.

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Ur people eat. Cats you shouldn't be talking

koolkat27 13

why do people hate cats so much? they never did anything to you!

Tat2edude 5

I love cats. They taste like chicken!

That's a good point. It shouldn't happen.

Chicken of the alley...

My cats will bite me in the toes and ears so i kick them off but not hard. I always make sure there okay, but unless the wall was close, you must have kicked hard

Cats can be kicked ike that and walk away without a scratch

How heavy are your cats that you could mistake one of them for a 2 year old?

FML_Add1cT 0

He was asleep thought, does anything here think straight when awoken unsuspectingly.

tdawgheath 0

It's an animal though, and doesn't deserve to be kicked just for crawling on the bed anyway.

not if it's a cat

Muffinzz11 7

well this here in the US there is something called obesity that's spreading like the AIDS virus so u have infer that their cats are obese as well.

Sukismama 2

2 year olds aren't very heavy

1127- They are certainly heavier than a cat.

My cat is 17 pounds.. He has a lot of fur, and isn't fat. People judge too fast and call him a fatass when I say he's 17 pounds. Don't judge by just one fact without the details.

Thespianism 0

That's terrible. I agree with one, why would you kick a cat that hard anyway? Is your baby ok?

Fuck the baby, hows the wall? If theres a dent then FYL, that shit's expensive to fix.

Bitch a baby cost way more than a fuckin wall

#1180, it's a joke. Relax.

The poor girl.. She'll probably be too scared to go near you when you're sleeping anymore. Also, you kick your cats that hard??

toad396 0

yay because cats suck

Exactly! Why would you kick your cat so hard? That's just mean.

You shouldn't have tried to hit any living thing agaisnt your wall. Fuck your baby's life.

kspy 0

OH MY GOD! What the HELL is wrong with you??!! You should be shot for being such a bad person. You don't kick animals, and I hope your child hates you for life for kicking her into the wall.

fricknugget 3


WTF. overreaction much? it's the kid's fault

How is it a 2 year olds fault when it crawls into bed with a parent because it's scared...might I add that this parent decided to take a fucking nap rather than look after the child they brought into the world! What a cunt!

XskiezX 0

hahaha agreeeeed

isn't that just a bit too harsh...?

lenk_fml 3

I don't think you should have kicked your cat but my parents have a cat and it likes to jump on my bed at night to and I also make it get off but that's because I am allergic .... Hope you have a good reason to !

DUDE!!! She's 2 she won't even remember this any way!!

SasuNaru_fml 0

Wow. O.O I'd try to stay away from you after that...

nityasomaiya 46

Nothing's safe, child or animal.