By Thai rice mistake - United States - Oakland
Today, I was super hungry and went to a Thai restaurant. The waitress left two small bowls of fried rice on the counter, and I thought they were for me. I ate one and a lady came over screaming. Apparently the small cups of rice was part of a religious ceremony. FML
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  teresa96706  |  29

I really dont know how he deserved it. How does this fml even relate to Naruto? did you know Naruto is a Japanese Anime/Manga. Korean and Japanese are two seperate races.

  GwenyD  |  8

I am Thai and as far as I'm concerned, the food for ceremonies are usually served in a distinguished bowl/dish not the one we eat from everyday. But if people couldn't tell the difference, then I don't think it's OP's fault for not knowing and she shouldn't have screamed at you. She could've done it in a more polite way.

  15Erik  |  21

Actually Anerican cars are considered a luxury car over in Germany. Mercedes, Audi, and BMW are everyday cheap cars over there. Yes, i've been from Germany, Luxemburg, and Switzerland.

By  enbliss  |  10

well they shouldn't have left them on the counter, but whenever you are hungry do you just find the first edible thing and claim it as yours whether its at your table or not

  jisaac09  |  25

Rolls or some other type of bread is usually brought to my table without ordering anything.

OP may have thought this was the Thai equivalent of bread.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Haha, I'm a trucker, I've been to thousands. I forgot about the Mexican restaurant chips and salsa, and I prefer good food to knock off ethnic themed family restaurants. Bread and salad, often soup are commonly complimentary , but generally arrive after you order, in case you would prefer something light.

  CinnamonBunny  |  16

You should try to get work in Spain. Here almost every restaurant will bring you a small portion of their own speciality "tapa". Sometimes it's chorizo, sometimes a montadito (small slice of lightly toasted baguette topped with a variety of vegetables or meat) and sometimes something else depending on what that restaurant does well. Not to mention you normally get a free shot of "digestive" (strong!) liquor after your meal. That bit may not be so great for you though, considering your job...


This just makes me think of hangover 2 (which ever one where they went to Bangkok and the stripper had "junk" and had sex with what's his face erm Andy from the office)

By  Zoey5683  |  17

As far as i've seen, the thai are very religious. Especially the females. It's how they were raised.
I think this is a YDI because you should've asked if it was actually for you or not before eating it.
Did you even order before you decided to eat the rice?

  Cupcake040  |  17

We don't actually know where OP was sitting so I mean maybe she was at a bar and the rice was out beside her in the meantime.........if you go to a restaurant and they put bread out does that mean you also ask if its for you cause it could be a religious bread. I say the waitress should have at least told OP about the significance of the rice.

  Zoey5683  |  17

OP mentioned it was on the counter which would be possible he was at the bar.
Regardless, if OP had ordered fried rice and assumed a small bowl was his order is questionable because no place will serve it in a small bowl unless you ask for a small bowl.
Secondly, either you're sitting at the table or bar, food will be placed in front of you. Not beside you unless there is no other room to place thing.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

Wouldn't it make sense to just ask if the rice is for you? I mean, I've sat at counters in restaurants before, and you can usually tell if they intend the food for you or not.
But if you're not sure, just ask. Don't just grab whatever is nearby and eat it.