By dire-rear - Singapore
Today, I was stuck on the toilet with a huge stomachache after eating bad food the day before. I got up to flush when I noticed that there was a cockroach struggling feebly in the pile of crap. I'll never know if it got there before or after I crapped. FML
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  The_Cardinal  |  0

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  depotst  |  0

Actually, he was right. I always think it's weird when people write comments like that.. I'm not sure if it's people being lazy, reading comprehension fail or what.

  riax  |  9

no shit, the cockroach would've been dead even before it reached her stomach, she would hv chewed it to death! There is another possibility, it may have fallen into the toilet from her panties :/

By  Seventytimeseven  |  0

Probably after or your stomach acids would have killed/injured it wayy before the day after. Plus if you ate it you need also to consider the way you eat and how you managed to not chew it. Your house may be questionable otherwise.

This is disturbing and hillarious, not sure which more so