By dontask - / Saturday 22 December 2018 18:00 /
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By  weaboo  |  12

People relax it’s absolutely normal to stalk someone online before dating otherwise how do you know what kind of person they are like if you’re a horny mofo for example you wouldn’t go for a trans (born male dress as woman no surgery) woman cuz you can’t fuck a dick and you just check her bio a trans probably has it on their bio
Also don’t hate me for this it’s a fact that if you’re always horny chances are you are not going to abstain from sex for possibly years just for someone you just met


Can you ask your parents to find out how many times you were dropped on your head as a child? Because I can't see another way for you to be this stupid. Unless you're the product of inbreeding.

  Quasita  |  24

Let's be real here... "weaboo" is all you really need to know. Dropped or not, the fact that they voluntarily identified themselves as something defined as "overly obsessed to the point of being annoying" is plenty enough for me. Thought they were being funny, just looking like an idiot. Obviously doesn't know any transpeople who date online. Maybe they got slipped the mystery genitals by their anime pillow girlfriend.

By  PenguinPal3017  |  18

Now that's what I call a stinky situation!

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