By cold-n-stinky - 12/01/2010 06:30 - United States

Today, I was spooning with my wife when I said, "It's cold tonight." Previously when I used that line, my wife would respond by saying, "I know how to warm you up" and we would make love. Tonight, she said "I know how to warm you up" and farted on me. FML
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Yeah, fuck your life.

That wuz pretty dam funny. Lolz and least your warm.

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Or fuck your wife.

This isn't an FML. Don't take it so seriously :P Your wife was just joking around!

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fail =()

WTF is a threadjack anyway?

wow... you must be scared for life

yeah 106 I'd be pretty frightened too

yeah 106 I'd be pretty frightened too

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YDI for using sucha cheesy line

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Agreed! (;

I think it's a great line(: very romantic... Until the fart fest..

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thats disgusting.

Everyone farts

Its natural! If my boyfriend did that I'd laugh so hard!

that's called true love

at least you're warm:)

Was about to say that :D

So your wife has a sick sense of humor? Not really an fml.

Your fml gave me a boner. That's one H O T wife.

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hahhahahahahah wtf

Times are a-changing! 

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#2 - You wish!