By Anonymous / Monday 30 April 2012 00:23 / United States
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  ebonyirony  |  29

Psyduck ALWAYS makes me feel better when I'm insecure. He's so cute, he draws all the attention.
So I take him out on small walks. So he doesn't get more popular tha

  ClassyCommando  |  13

Well, right now I'm taking out my pun-making box kit. My kat scratched it and it looks like I'll be up until 3 masking the tears with tape.

Please, have mercy on me...I did my best.


I really tried to "crunch" some puns in my head but I couldn't think of any by myself. So I asked "Mr. Goodbar" and he didn't know! So I was "foiled again" so I was stumped so my whole class helped me and gee they were "lifesavers".

  redwednesday  |  11

people "like me"? elaborate please.
I have my fair share of anxiety, even over this, since I broke my finger when I was younger and it doesn't bend the same way as the rest of my fingers do. I learned people really don't care about other peoples hands and little things like that. if they do, they really need a life. maybe there is something abnormal with OP's fingers too.

  luckyd880  |  12

I think #17 read your comment as being mean but it's just hard to tell over text. I think you were ligitimatly asking. Not being cruel about it. Sarcasm is even harder to read over text, I have problems trying to get it across to people when I'm joking on here...

  redwednesday  |  11

luckyd - makes sense to me. all of the comments they made are gone from this FML.
and yeah, not being cruel. just asking. I mean for me i think peoples hands are extremely versatile and not something people usually judge you for. so being anxious about it is a bit out there in my mind.

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