By Lovergirl - 01/01/2010 20:23 - United States

Today, I was snuggled in bed with my husband. He thought because my butt was twitching that I was trying to be frisky. So he slapped my ass hard in attempt to get something going. I was actually trying to hold in a huge fart because last night I had diarrhea. Apparently I still have it. FML
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A skunk's defense against the buttsecks?

Fuck your husband's life.


A skunk's defense against the buttsecks?

beckybecks20 8

That's fucking hilarious. XD

itz_tizzy_bitch 0

hahahahah accuride lol

Fuck your husband's life.

For him, this can be considered a "shitty" situation!

GiRIsMakingCupca 0

uhm yep :)

jamjenni2774 0

why in the hell would u b in bed with no panties on knowing damn well that u have the 's That is just nasty, but funny as hell.

misha1995 0

She never said she was pantyless

6- Please leave.

this is really disgusting but funny at the same time hahahah

thinmint 0

lol that is fantastic!

perdix 29

That's a sure way to end domestic violence. Of course, your sex life also probably left the building at the same moment. Sorry.

fmlstalker 0

hahahaha. sorry i just laughed at this. FYL indeed.