By goblue - United States
Today, I was sleeping in my room when I awoke to an unfamiliar female voice in my apartment followed by a thud. I walked out to find a drunk girl I've never met collapsed in my doorway. After puking all over the place, she had me call her father who picked her up 10 minutes later. FML
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By  Jimboom  |  11

So did you fuck her at least? I mean she puked all over your place thats the least she could do for you in return. Plus she would be in the perfect position if her head was down the toilet for some doggy style. :-P

  xyris_fml  |  28

And the award for "Shallowest Comment" goes to...

In all seriousness, do you not realize that's rape if he has sex with her while she's obviously near blackout drunk and he's sober?