By karmamaybe - 03/12/2012 20:35 - United States - Vermillion

Today, I was slapped across the face by a girl in the waiting room at the dentist's office. She thought I was taking a picture of her breasts with my phone. I was smiling while reading other people's FMLs. FML
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People will always look at you weird when you smile at your phone. My parents always think I'm weird, but I have to tell them I'm either reading something funny or just texting a friend...

But.. FML is funny. She just doesn't understand.


People will always look at you weird when you smile at your phone. My parents always think I'm weird, but I have to tell them I'm either reading something funny or just texting a friend...


You also have to include school. Some times FML gets too funny that you can't hold back your laughter. That's when all the people beside me gives the, "what the fuck look or are u retarded look."

What does school have to do with this fml?

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29- I believe 22 was thread jacking. 41- #35 was empathizing with #1's statement (that her parents look at her funny when she smiles at her phone) by saying s/he gets weird looks at school for doing that at school, too.

47 - Thank you for clearing that up. :)

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They are lovely biceps...*(creeper smile)*

68 - That sounds like something I'd say and no there is no point to this comment.

68- if there's no point to your comment, why'd u comment in the first place?

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Why not? ;)

Evilpirate 10


Exactly! Parents just think that I was probably reading a dirty text by my girlfriend!

But.. FML is funny. She just doesn't understand.

I love your profile pic :D


I'm not a strawberry! Hah

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It's the thread of fail!

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Maybe this is the same girl who accused her boy friend of trying to sleep with their waitress. If so, she doesnt undertand a great many things.

72- Here, have another fail.

This would of been the perfect time for the line "When you assume, you make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'."

Hahaha, the irony

At least OP can now have people laugh at him. Haha.

I know, I'm going to the dentist tomorrow. Guess I won't be checking FML..

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"I hate irony" -Dexter

Mister_Triangle 21

That's not irony...

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OBJECTION! This was some random girl. Can you prove that there will be a "next time" for my client? I think not!

but this definitely the only thing i can think of where mentioning FML in an FML would be acceptable. every other situation i think of is just people complaining about being buried. man up people! it happens!!

At that point? naw you gta ask yourself one question...What would Wayne Brady do?

"Bahahaha?" Are you a sheep?

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I'd explain after I popped her in the tit! Maybe she'd think twice about making them the topic of conversation again. No way I'd just walk away after being treated like that for no reason. Going to be a bitch, get slapped like one too.

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This comment sucks, bro. Surely there was atleast one original thing you could come up with.

Sinamoi 18

HOLD IT! Your comment has recieved more downvotes than his. Would you not say that replying to an unoriginal comment with an unoriginal reply only doubles the unoriginality? Answer the question!

I.. I.. Admit nothing! I plead the 5th. You'll never get it out of me!

Sinamoi 18

I rest my case your Honor.

There is a key part of your testimony that is false as of this minute. Check the thumbs. *Walks out door escorted by police.*

You can't handle the truth!! Relevant? No? Alright seeya. *leaves courtroom.

Only because your picture, for some reason, fits this scenario perfectly.-48.. You may have me.

132 It's not like he planned it or anything. Naw it's to complex for us, let us scurry back to our caves.

Explain to her what you were reading.

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Or, explain that slapping a stranger, is like handing a can opener to someone holding a can of whoop ass!

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73- Your comment made me laugh at my phone. I'm now getting some strange looks.

She has too much self confidence

Or possibly the opposite....

yes, we must put her in her place...the kitchen...

I totally agree. I get so annoyed when girls come up to me an are like "ugh that perv was sooooo staring at my tits/ass" I just smile politely at them but in my head I'm like "Honey, maybe you should stop wearing yoga pant that give you an eternal wedgie and shirts with necklines that plunge to your waist." Honestly, there two extremes in the world, girls who don't realize how beautiful they are and the girls who think everyone wants them in bed-.-

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I smiled while reading this FML

I got slapped in the waiting room of a dentists office while reading this FML.

I was checking out breast when I was reading this FML, then I stopped

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Smiling at inanimate objects in public is usually taken the wrong way.

At least he wasn't adjusting his music volume that was conveniently located in his short pocket, right?

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Show her what you were doing an make her feel bad for hitting you because thats really not right.

Does anybody else see this as a double post O_o

It is double posted, but no matter Mods will probably take care of it in a few.